ITV Coronation Street fans 'work out' real father of Toyah's baby in shock twist

Toyah on Corrie
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Coronation Street's Toyah Battersby's real father of her unborn baby has been 'rumbled' following her surprise pregnancy news.

Over in the soap this week, Toyah (Georgia Taylor) was rushed to hospital after Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) found her doubled over on the floor in agony from severe stomach pains.

But while at the hospital, Toyah was given the surprising news that she is pregnant. The soap icon was left stunned - especially as she recently slept with future brother-in-law Nick.

Sister Leanne (Jane Danson) quizzed Toyah on who the father might be - but she brushed it off as a one-night stand with someone Leanne wouldn't know.

However, despite Toyah telling Nick in secret that the baby is his, fans fear something more sinister has happened. As fans will recall, Toyah's had a rough few months, reports the Express.

Earlier this year, it came to light that she had a baby when she was 19, after being raped back in the early 2000s. Sadly, the child, Rose, was still-born and Toyah buried the body on the red rec.

Amid all of this, Toyah has also been targeted by sinister Rowan Cunliffe, the leader of a cult that Leanne has been involved with. After being sued by him, and following her harrowing baby confession, Toyah ended up sleeping with Nick, on the day of Rose's funeral.

And in typical soap fashion, Rowan got his pal to get some snaps of Nick and Toyah in action - and has been using them as a blackmail plot.

Corrie enthusiasts are buzzing with speculation over a jaw-dropping possibility that Toyah Battersby's pregnancy could involve a far-fetched twist.

On social media platform X, once known as Twitter, a fan suggested: "Say Rowan and the institute did something to Toyah offscreen that she's unaware of, that we didn't see and they've somehow impregnated her?"

Other fans were quick to chime in on the theory, with one commenting: "Need to know if Rowan has someone impregnated Toyah through AI?" Meanwhile, another pondered, "are we ruling out the possibility of it being Rowans? " prompting a user to respond: "Not me!"

Over on Reddit, the theories continued to thrive, with one user jokingly posting: "I seriously think Rowan had something to do with Toyah's pregnancy."

Echoing this sentiment, another added: "Toyah's pregnant with Rowan's baby. Leanne will be more jealous about that, than about finding out Toyah slept with Nick. Baby will be AI."