ITV Coronation Street fans thank unlikely source for Roy Cropper's 'freedom'

Roy Cropper continues to struggle remembering something he believes will help the police catch Lauren Bolton's real killer
Roy Cropper continues to struggle remembering something he believes will help the police catch Lauren Bolton's real killer -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street fans are convinced Roy Cropper's days in prison are numbered after help from an unlikely source.

Roy continued to struggle in his hospital bed, handcuffed and trying to piece together a broken memory he's convinced will hold the key to his freedom. The café owner remains in custody after being charged with the murder of Lauren Bolton who went missing from the cobbles earlier this year.

The teen had been acting strangely in February until she was last seen opening her front door to a mystery person and then vanishing without a trace. Her former boss has since been prime suspect in her disappearance - but fans can finally see some hope.

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For days, Roy has been battling with his own mind and has been determined to remember a conversation he overheard between Lauren and Max Turner in his café days before she was last seen. The hazy memory became crystal clear after some advice from a helpful friend.

Roy vented about his frustrations with Mary Taylor, who is often a source of comedy on the cobbles. Within her usual humour, she offered her friend a pearl or two of wisdom she uses to remember things.

She rightly predicted "the answer will always come" in scenes that aired as Roy had a breakthrough that Lauren's new necklace may be the key to proving his innocence. Fans of the soap took to X to commend Mary.

One asked: "YES! Surely Roy will have his freedom soon @CoronationStreet?

Another said: "Mary’s on form tonight! Cracking jokes and saving the day!"

A third joked: "Get Mary a job with Weatherfield Police! She'll be solving all sorts for them!"

Meanwhile, Bernie Winter faces a shock of her life when her ex Denny turns up unannounced after hearing their son Paul Foreman on the radio with Amy Barlow. Things descend into chaos after the panicked mum pretends Paul has already died in an attempt to send her ex packing but her morbid lie is quickly rumbled.

The men reconnect in the Rovers after years apart but things go pear-shaped when Denny brings a drunken Paul home and his family are faced with cleaning up the mess he created. Bernie tries one last time to get rid of her ex but is met with stern words that he is here to stay.

Elsewhere, Steve McDonald's date ends in disaster when his match ends up bringing three friends along and Steve recruits his best mate Tim Metcalfe in a panic to help keep the date on track. But, not only does Steve leave without a lady, he also loses his best mate after Sally Metcalfe forces Tim to spend less time with his single friend and focus on his own marriage.

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