ITV Coronation Street Roy Cropper could be free soon after key Lauren clue spotted

Roy Cropper in a prison cell
Coronation Street fans were left shocked on Wednesday night as a Weatherfield icon was hit with a double murder accusation -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street fans believe they have pieced together a clue that could secure Roy Cropper's freedom, following his arrest on suspicion of the alleged murder of missing teenager Lauren Bolton. Recently, Roy has found himself at the centre of a police investigation after Lauren, who abruptly left Weatherfield earlier this year, disappeared without a trace.

Lauren's sudden departure was only known to Roy, and her flat was discovered unlocked by her love interest Bobby, who subsequently reported her as missing. Roy's well-meaning actions, such as cleaning Lauren's flat, have been misconstrued as attempts to dispose of evidence, leading to his arrest.

Roy has since been subjected to online abuse from individuals attempting to solve the case. In a recent episode, he was shocked and hurt to discover that Christian, the son of his late wife Hayley Cropper, had posted derogatory comments about him and Hayley online.

After digesting the article, Roy was left distraught, having discovered that Christian had suggested he had murdered Hayley and that Lauren isn't his "first victim". Long-term viewers of the soap will remember the tragic death of Hayley in 2014 when she took her own life after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

In a bid to support Roy, Stu Carpenter announced his plan to help exonerate Roy, empathising with his situation due to his past false imprisonment experience. In pursuit of this, Stu spoke to a homeless individual at the precinct seeking information about Lauren, and it was claimed there had been rumours and "she was seen", reports the Mirror.

However, before Stu could clinch more details, he reached for his wallet while failing to see the man picking up a brick. Stu returned to Speed Daal with a bloodied face and depleted cash.

The mention of Lauren, notably the allusion to her being "seen", has prompted fan theories about Roy's potential liberation.

In forthcoming episodes, Roy faces the grim prospect of being accused of the homicide of missing teenager Lauren. After being wrongly taken into custody on suspicion of killing his former employee, DS Swain now sees him as the prime suspect.

In chilling future scenes, a fearful and bewildered Roy is portrayed sitting alone in his police cell, dreading his imminent court session.

Viewers have taken to social media to discuss the unfolding storyline, with some fans suggesting a theory that could see Roy freed and Lauren's fate revealed. One viewer speculated: "Could Lauren make a shock appearance at the trial? #Corrie", while another suggested: "I feel this will end when Lauren turns up at the trial as an unannounced witness! ! ! " A third chimed in with: "Get Lauren to turn up in Court! ".

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