ITV Coronation Street's Abi Webster 'can't get head around it' as character set to return

Abi Webster is set to be a part of a major storyline in Coronation Street
Abi Webster is set to be a part of a major storyline in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Sally Carman has spoke out about her character's harrowing new storyline on Coronation Street.

The actor is renowned for her role as Abi Webster in the long-running ITV show. The character will be involved in a major storyline over the comings as her drug dealer, Dean Turnbull returns to the street in tomorrow's episode.

Spoilers for this week's episodes have shown that Abi makes an enemy of the character, played by Anthony Crank, when she refuses to help him out. Abi is horrified when she later discovers a sex tape of her has been circulated across the internet.

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Abi initially blames Dean as Sally, speaking about the storyline, explained: "Her head does go to Dean because he seems the obvious perpetrator... She goes after him with a wrench, she wants to kill him!

Her emotions are all over the place. She's doing so well and it's that thing of you can forget who you used to be and become a different person, but clearly there's a lot of hurt and damage there. The old protective, fight for your life mode comes out and she just cannot see reason. She's in there and she's ready to kill him."

However, Dean professes his innocence and Abi later discovers the videos are deepfakes. Sally said this will spark confusion for her character as she "can't quite get her head around it".

She added: "I think there's a sense of relief, but I think mostly she's confused and reeling, thinking who could be doing this and why are they doing this. These aren’t just things you can do in 10 minutes, it takes time and money to do such a detailed convincing deepfake.

"It suddenly feels much deeper then when she thought it was Dean, he’s a scumbag and it felt horrendous, but this is someone else and they're out to get me and why. She's really confused and frustrated and scared."

It is set to be a busy time for Abi

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