ITV Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd issues rare home life update and says 'you'll know'

Jack P Shepherd has been flooded with support after sharing a look at his exciting new home addition. The ITV soap star, who plays David Platt in Coronation Street, showcased his brand-new dishwasher on Instagram for his fans to marvel at.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Corrie legend Jack said: ""It’s arrived! If you listen to the podcast you’ll know we’ve been washing up for 18 months! Luckily @ao were on hand to help out massively providing us with this all singing and all dancing Miele dishwasher," he said.

"you can tell I’m middle aged by how excited I am - special thanks to Scott everyone at AO and the chaps that fitted it too, you’ve made us very happy."" Jack hosts his podcast with Craig Tinker star Colson Smith, an I'm A Celebrity alum, and Nick Tilsley actor Ben Price, two of his co-stars.

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"Crazy, the people who have more money than sense always get gifted stuff yet the struggling struggle on Never understood that mentality," one said. A second said: "Now can we have a video of it singing when it’s finished."

"OMG I've never seen one with a power disc!! I'm beyond moist!!!.," another typed. "So you have been doing dishes by hand for 18 months," another said. "well I have been doing mine for 50 years, just because both of the kitchens I have had have been too small to fit one in.I am pleased for you both," another commented.

Another said: "Wait until you get a notification on your phone to tell you the dishes are ready! Contain your excitement now" Another wrote: "The Holiday Inn posing skills are transferable to the home kitchen scene. A true master of his craft"

Another said: "Good choice," while a fellow Instagram user commented in reply saying: "DAVID HAHAHA."