ITV Coronation Street's Sue Cleaver supported over lifelong struggle with three hidden conditions

Sue Cleaver has been supported after sharing an update over her battle with "overthinking" and "anxiety" and "self doubt". Sue, the ITV Coronation Street and I'm A Celebrity star, has shared an update over her life story, as she prepares to release a book.

Taking to Instagram, Sue typed, alongside Bloomsbury Publishing: "We’re so thrilled to be publishing A Work in Progress, the first book from the brilliant @officialsuecleaver. Are you a chronic overthinker, do you have anxiety, or suffer from self-doubt? Sue Cleaver has been there, done that, and is still learning from it.

"In A Work in Progress, Cleaver shares her experiences and life stories, reflects on how they made her feel and what she learned, and offers advice and wisdom for others who find themselves in similar situations. Training as a therapist was only the start of her journey of self-discovery and at sixty she feels more empowered to live life to the full than ever before."

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Sue said: "I’ve spent a lifetime feeling that I’m not enough or I don’t belong. It’s only now that I’m beginning to find my voice. I’m also aware that there is plenty for me to learn. I’m still a work in progress, but for the first time in my life, I have reached a point where I’m no longer hiding, and that feels good."

The publishing house went on: "Pre-order your copy of A Work in Progress using the link in our Stories now!" A fan told her: "Never has an advert for a book resonated with me so much. So looking forward to reading this and hopefully overcoming so many hurdles for myself and those important people in my life that are impacted by my “problems “. Thank you Sue."

A second said: "I’ll be looking out for this, I’m a chronic over thinker. I’m 71 and it makes me miserable, I try not to but it’s very hard to stop after doing it for a lifetime." A third said: "Over thinking, panicking and so anxious, peri-menopausal and hating it."

" @officialsuecleaver Omg. This is amazing. All those things are ME !!! . Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy . You are some woman for one woman Sue !" another wrote.