ITV Coronation Street's Toyah's 'real' baby daddy 'uncovered' after Nick fling

Coronation Street's Toyah Habeeb could be in for another shocker after finding out she's expecting this week.

Toyah has battled with fertility issues for years, and it was recently disclosed that she had a daughter, Rose, who was tragically stillborn. Toyah had to bury her in the park where police were searching for Lauren Bolton's body.

This week saw Toyah keel over with severe stomach cramps and was hurried to hospital, only to discover she's pregnant. The revelation came as a surprise, particularly as it's just weeks since she had a fling with her brother-in-law Nick Tilsley.

Even though Leanne is eager to find out who the father is, Toyah maintained she'd had a one-night stand with an unknown man. However, fans believe they've uncovered another twist for the soap starlet and it's not Nick's baby after all.

Instead, viewers speculate that Toyah might be entangled in some serious trouble related to her late husband Imran Habeeb, who died in a car accident caused by Toyah herself, reports the Daily Star.

As he tried to rescue her from the car, Imran collapsed and seemingly passed away, although fans never saw his body afterwards.

Now, fans are theorising that Toyah might actually be keeping Imran captive somewhere and trying to conceive his child, highlighting how strange it is that after so many years of trying, she could become pregnant after just one passionate night with Nick.

Fans have been sharing their theories on social media, with one user exclaiming: "Crazy how all throughout Toyah's relationship with Imran she couldn't get pregnant but she has one bunk up with Nick and suddenly she's got a bun in the oven."

Another fan shared a wild theory: "Nah she's been keeping Imran hostage and he didn't actually die so she could work on getting pregnant with him."

Meanwhile, another viewer speculated: "Omg she does seem the type... and we never saw the body. It could be like Pat Phelan and that guy he held hostage."

However, some sharp-eyed viewers have shifted their suspicions to another character, Rowan from The Institute cult. Despite being sworn enemies with Toyah, whispers among fans suggest that their fiery tension might have led to a secret romp.

One intrigued viewer pondered: "Need to know if Rowan has somehow impregnated Toyah through AI?" while another questioned: "Are we ruling out the possibility of it being Rowan's?" A third added fuel to the fire, saying: "Say Rowan and the Institute did something to Toyah off-screen that she's unaware of, and they've somehow impregnated her?"

And yet another fan threw in their two pence, speculating: "Toyah's pregnant with Rowan's baby. Leanne will be more jealous about that than about finding out Toyah slept with Nick!"