ITV Corrie sleuths expose Joel Deering's 'next victim' amid Max Turner connection

Joe Deering in Coronation Street
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street enthusiasts are convinced they've uncovered a crucial link between Weatherfield's baddie Joel Deering and young Max Turner.

In a shocking twist last month, viewers discovered that solicitor Joel was the culprit behind Lauren Bolton's attack, savagely hitting her over the head with a chair leg multiple times. While Lauren's fate remains unknown, Joel has so far evaded justice.

The truth came to light in harrowing flashback sequences when Hope Stape stumbled upon Lauren's lost necklace inside Joel's vehicle and there's speculation that newcomer PC Kit might be implicated too, after he was seen planting evidence against convicted predator Nathan Curtis.

But now, the audience suspects that Max could be the key to bringing Joel's reign of terror to an end, especially after Joel targeted Max's girlfriend Sabrina. In Monday's episode (June 24), viewers watched as Joel encountered the teenager at the precinct and sneakily spiked her coffee with alcohol.

Joe Deering in Coronation Street
Corrie fans think they know how Joel and Max are linked -Credit:ITV

Joel ominously remarked to Sabrina that she reminded him of an ex-girlfriend despite Sabrina being cautioned by a friend who labelled Joel a "creep", sparking concern among viewers about his intentions. It's particularly disturbing that Joel appears to have a grudge against Max, having gone after two of his past girlfriends, reports the Daily Star.

Fans have been flocking to social media to post their theories, with one writing: "First Lauren goes missing, now Sabrina... Max will be the number one suspect! " Another chimed in: "Sabrina is easily written out just like Lauren. Max won't be too happy about it though! What is it with Joel and Max's girlfriends?"

One Twitter user forecasted that Max may lose control when he uncovers the truth, suggesting his actions could lead to tragic consequences for Joel. They posted: "Joel is after Max's girlfriend now. This'll get spicy! Max will freak out!"

Coronation Street's Joel Deering with Weatherfield newcomer
Fans are worried for Joel's 'next victim' -Credit:ITV

Another Corrie follower postulated: "My Corrie theory of the week is Joel knew Max when he was in young offenders, wants to get back at his racist ways so he's targeting all his girlfriends."

Yet there are contrasting theories, with some fans predicting Joel may set his sights on Sabrina's friend rather than Sabrina herself labelling her as the "next victim". Several spectators claim they've sussed out the identity of this mystery character, with one speculating: "Just a thought, what if Sabrina's mystery unnamed friend (the one who is blackmailing Joel) is Betsy - DS Swain's daughter?"

Another joined the conversation: "Sabrina's mate looks a lot like DS Swain, is this her daughter? It's gonna go down for Joel in #Corrie!" Similarly, another viewer agreed: "As a guess, she's DS Swain's daughter as she is supposed to be appearing?"