ITV Emmerdale fans make Cain Dingle demand after blatant 'stitch up'

Samson on Emmerdale
-Credit: (Image: (Image: ITV))

Emmerdale fans have predicted Cain will now deal with Samson after he turned on Moira and Mackenzie to get the pair arrested.

After Matty was beaten up in prison, Moira and Mackenzie decided they needed to find a way to get him out and so went to see Samson. The pair hoped they could convince him to tell the truth about the stabbing incident, getting Josh into trouble.

Samson made it clear he wouldn't listen so the pair grabbed him and took him away. There, they spent the day pleading with him to tell the truth to the police.

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Eventually, the three decided they would say the incident was Josh's fault and so Moira took Samson to the police station. However, at the end of the episode the police arrived and said Samson had accused Moira and Mackenzie of kidnapping and the pair were arrested in front of Cain and the kids.

Fans of the show are now predicting Cain will decide to take Samson on. @penniless_poet said: "Well that will p*** Cain off = Samsung stitching up his missus. Wouldn't want to be in Samsung's wellies".

@1stLadyHooligan added: "so that little rat Samson has grassed on Moira & Mac smfdh that boy has no shame or conscience. this might push Cain over the edge and if so god help Samson." @picky737 wrote: "Time for Cain to have a word with a certain little s***!"

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Then, @marcjohnson27 added: "Time to make Samson disappear Cain". @Darryl__Jason said: "Cain vs Samson …. Upcoming". @unsworth1live said: "Moira seriously underestimated Samson there. Although Cain is going to hurt Samson".

Others focused their anger on Samson, furious at what he had done. @ShirleyAFields9 said: "What a horrible character Samson has become, he's happy for a relative to be killed and gets another arrested to protect a mate he's had for two minutes".

@TraceyK77738153 added: "That b***** horrible brat Samson, knew he wouldn't tell the truth". @EnfieldGarry said: "Oh my god, what have you done now Samson, ffs."