ITV Emmerdale fans say 'not another gangster' as Kim Tate and Rose lock horns

Kim and Rose locked horns in tonight's episode of Emmerdale -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale
Kim and Rose locked horns in tonight's episode of Emmerdale -Credit:ITV/Emmerdale

ITV Emmerdale viewers were left saying they “don’t trust” Rose as the new “gangster” in the village locked horns with Kim Tate.

Last week, viewers quickly learned that Rose was Dawn’s mother when her dad Will bumped into ex-wife Rose at the hospital. It was then revealed Rose had walked out on Dawn when she was just a baby. And it wasn’t the happy family reunion Rose had wanted as Dawn said she didn’t want her in her life.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV show, Rose waltzed into Home Farm uninvited and begged Kim to let her speak to her daughter. But when Dawn arrived home unexpectedly and walked in on the two women, she told Rose that she didn’t want to speak to her, saying “Kim has been more of a mum to me than you’ve ever been".

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Dawn remained adamant that she wasn’t going to let her mum get to know her and eventually stormed out. Kim invited Rose to stay for a drink - and it wasn’t long before she was trying to strike a deal.

Kim opened up the safe and offered to give Rose £2000 if she “left and never came back” - but Rose told her it was a “big fat no”, after realising that “her family was more important than cash”. But Kim was quick to warn Rose, saying that they were “her family and she’d do anything to protect them.” The episode ended with Rose leaving Home Farm and the two women no closer to striking a deal.

Viewers of the ITV show took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to say that they “don’t trust” Rose. @stevebethere said: “Dawns mum another #emmerdale gangster,” and tweeted: @MattZeeMiller “Don't try take on Kim it will end in tears! #emmerdale.”

@TellyVsPodcasts wrote: “Rose is literally no match for Kim - Not even in Kim’s league #emmerdale.” @Surfingspaniel added: “£2000 that’s a great deal, grab it and run #Emmerdale,” but @MeeshyJay said: “If you give her money Kim she’ll just keep coming back for more #emmerdale.”

@JamieSummersTV tweeted: “Kim will destroy you #Emmerdale,” and @MeeshyJay said: “I don’t trust Dawn’s mum #emmerdale.”

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