ITV Emmerdale fans spot Belle 'going to crack' as 'deal with Tom' prediction made

Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale
Tom burned Belle's hand on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

ITV Emmerdale fans believe Belle is going to crack after being emotionally abused by Tom - with many hoping someone steps in to deal with the coercive controller.

In the latest episode of the long-running soap, the fallout from the disastrous dinner party continued, with Tom and Belle arguing after Tom had burnt her hand under the tap. Belle almost told her friends, but decided to keep it to herself, before going to meet Tom at work.

There, many fans were hoping she would realise what Tom had done, but instead, she said they just needed to communicate more. At the end of the episode, back at their house, Tom said everything had been discussed already and that they did not need to discuss it any further.

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Belle went along with it, but was clearly distressed through her facial expressions. Now, fans think Tom is pushing her too far, with some hoping that someone "deals with him".

@TonyCoffey15 said: "I think Belle is going to be the one to deal with Tom, I can see her cracking and doing him in." @pam_debeauvoir added: "Dear Belle. The only talking you need to do is to your family & the police".

Another fan. @CaroleAnn1982, wrote: "The more Belle apologises the further he'll push her". Then, @MeeshyJay said: "This Tom storyline will drag on with no one noticing how broken Belle is until it’s too late".

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Others hoped someone like Cain would deal with Tom. @callyoubetty added: "Hope they're not going to have vulnerable Vinny being the one who susses Tom out and instead someone like Cain instead. I want Tom to be dealt with, slowly".

@karmatarabuddha was worried everything was sapping away Belle's energy, saying: "Oh my, all the gaslighting and abuse is grinding Belle down. She's got no fight left."

@SHADESOFTAEMIN added: "This man makes me sick!!! I also wish belle would stand tf up! But abuse isn’t that simple. Just going to get worse and worse."