ITV Emmerdale fans spot 'rookie mistake' that will lead to misery

Tom King tightens his control over wife Belle Dingle in Emmerdale
Tom King tightens his control over wife Belle Dingle in Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Emmerdale fans are convinced a "vile" character will become even worse if they stumble on a huge secret.

The ITV soap continued to show Tom King exerting coercive control over his wife Belle Dingle. The couple have been experiencing difficulties ever since they said 'I do'.

Now, the vet goes on a rollercoaster of reactions when Belle suggests she may be pregnant. After spitefully blaming her for getting his hopes up when the test turns out to be negative, Tom has a sudden change of heart and suggests the wedding planner puts her career on hold and the pair start trying to have "the family he never had".

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Clearly unwilling but scared to say otherwise, Belle agrees to ditch her contraceptive pill in the hope of giving Tom "everything he's ever wanted" but digs the box out of the bin and hides them out of sight in a kitchen drawer.

However, viewers were quick to spot how this blunder will play out. One wrote: "Rookie mistake Belle! Leave the box in the bin, but hide the pills!"

Another pointed out: "Sorry Belle but your vile hubby will find those pills!". A third commented: "Oh Belle! Leave the empty box in bin and hide them where he wont find them!"

The couple will have their relationship put under a magnifying glass in a special episode set to air next week (May 7). It will grant a unique look behind closed doors in what has been billed a "dinner party from hell" for the Dingle family.

Elsewhere, Dawn and Billy Fletcher's world implodes when the worst is confirmed by medics after son Evan's test results come back. Their baby boy is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

The reality sets in when a top doctor explains that treatment could take years and that the family will have to make "major changes" to ensure Evan's best chances of recovery.

Meanwhile, Dawn's estranged mum Rose packs her bags and prepares to disappear once again. She is given a stern warning from Kim Tate not to hurt Dawn again as she'll "live to regret it" and "won't get another second chance".

Also, village gossip spreads about Moira Dingle and her family suffering from scabies. The farmer susses out that the lies, which spread across Emmerdale like wildfire, came from Ruby Fox-Milligan who remains determined to cause havoc for the Dingle family.

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