ITV Good Morning Britain viewers rage after shock claim about King Charles and Prince Harry

GMB viewers rage as ITV star makes shock claim about Charles and Harry -Credit:ITV

Good Morning Britain viewers expressed their anger when regular ITV contributor Andrew Pierce made a shocking claim regarding King Charles' feelings towards Prince Harry.

Viewers were left in disagreement following the recent announcement that, due to the King's busy agenda, he would not be able to meet with Prince Harry during his UK visit for the 10-year anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games.

In light of this announcement and a subsequent statement from the Duke of Sussex confirming the situation, allegations began to circulate suggesting he is regarded as untrustworthy. On an episode of Good Morning Britain, Andrew Pierce, who serves as a consultant editor for the Daily Mail, told the hosts: "I've said it before and I will say it again - the King does not trust his son.

"Harry's laid it all bare, exposed everything - he doesn't trust him, nor does William, and no senior member of the royal family is going to see Harry [on this visit]."

Social media users quickly shared their opinions on the matter, with one remarking: "Who actually cares if Harry and the King meet each other?", reports the Mirror.

Another criticised the episode on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating: "Why randomly drag Harry and Meghan into it? Living rent-free in your heads."

A viewer, clearly not fond of Prince Harry, declared: "It's great news that King Charles can't meet with him. The reason's irrelevant; Charles is King and Harry doesn't pull the strings anymore. Simple."

Another remarked: "KC could not trust Haz not to repeat any conversations they might have together therefore the decision was made not to make time for Haz. Netflix must be so disappointed! ! " A user full of sarcasm commented: "Prince Harry is the 'main news' today #gmb Because there's absolutely nothing else whatsoever going on in the world."

Following weeks of wild guessing, a spokesperson recently confirmed that the King and Harry won't be having their meeting. They explained: "In response to the many inquiries and continued speculation on whether or not the duke will meet with his father while in the UK this week, it unfortunately will not be possible due to His Majesty's full programme.

"The duke of course is understanding of his father's diary of commitments and various other priorities and hopes to see him soon."

Prince Harry last met with the King in February following his cancer diagnosis.

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