ITV James Martin Saturday Morning viewers left 'uncomfortable' by 'awful' show

ITV James Martin Saturday Morning fans have left "uncomfortable" by the show on Saturday. Fans of the ITV show spoke out on Twitter, now X, over the ITV programme as it returned to the airwaves from 9.30am and aired until 11.40am.

"This program is uncomfortable to watch. The interviews are boring and the sound production is awful," Mark fumed on social media. The complaint came after fans tuned out over the underwhelming choice of guests, with fans slamming the line-up on social media.

But another defended the programme, writing: "Who is this imposter, masquerading as Shaznay Lewis. This lady is obviously 20 years younger." During the show, the official show account on social media continued to promote its recipes.

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"Blackened Chicken with Truffle Salad. The chicken is marinaded in a sweet miso glaze and the salad contains leek, spinach, olive oil, truffle oil, yuzu, parmesan and dried miso. A great way to bring new flavour to an everyday ingredient!" it said.

"Broad Bean Hummus with Yellow Beans, Grilled Courgettes, Jersey Royals and Truffle Pesto from @philiphoward8 . This dish includes beautiful spring time flavours and is perfect for feasting on on sunny days!" it added.

"Cod, Brown Butter Sauce, St George Mushrooms, Rosebay Willow Herb, Salty Fingers! St George Mushrooms are so called because they are in season from St George's Day until mid May. Salty fingers are a succulent and bring a burst of acidity to this dish!" another added.

"Get set for BBQ season with these brilliant recipes for Mackerel with Soy and Yuzu Sauce, Monkfish with Sauce Vierge, Prawns, Mackerel en Papillote and Scallops," another wrote. In reply, a fan said: "oh yes."

"Delicious," agreed another while a third said: "looks interesting," as they replied to the mouth-watering images which were flooding in on the account's profile.