ITV James Martin Saturday Morning makes 'cretinous' change to show leaving fans 'fuming'

ITV James Martin Saturday Morning viewers have been left raging after an impromptu change to the programme. The show aired on a delay on Saturday, April 13, as ITV chose to preview the Grand National beforehand.

Twitter/X user Shakey fumed: "Just thrown my good lady wife out of the house to take the grandsprog to the park, coffee brewed, dog walked, all is good with the world. Select @ITV to watch @sat _ jamesmartin only to find that some cretinous moron has delayed it to show some kind of horse racing warm up show!"

Promoting the show, the official Twitter/X account for the programme said: "The show is starting a little later today! @jamesmartinchef is joined by @Bryn_Terfel and Man v Food presenter @AdamRichman and cooks gnocchi, steak and pork, while chefs @chefgaltonb and @hulstone cook dover sole and a traditional pudding that will have you hooked! 10.30 @ ITV "

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Jayne fumed: "Bigger the Grand National. Hurry up . I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. JH." Sports Bob said: "And hour later all because of that rubbish horse racing event !! What’s ITV 2 ITV 3 ITV X for ? Stick that horse racing rubbish on one of those"

When the show got started, another laughed: "Did Adam Richman just say on @sat_jamesmartin that he’s allergic to trophies as he supports Tottenham Hotspur" And Rosie said: "@sat_jamesmartin it would be nice to do a special episode where no salt, no fats is used and limited phosphates for those with kidney disease. It would be interesting to get some new recipes for this particular diet."

"I wish @chefgalton appeared on @sat_jamesmartin every week, he always makes me smile when he's on. I just love the banter between him and @jamesmartinchef," Lisa said. The Grand National will race from 4pm on ITV on Saturday.