ITV For the Love of Dogs fans spot Alison Hammond's 'bad habit' as ratings plummet

Alison Hammond on For The Love of Dogs
Alison took over hosting from the late Paul O'Grady -Credit:ITV

Fans of ITV's For the Love of Dogs have called out presenter Alison Hammond for a "bad habit" that came to light in the latest episode. The popular programme returned to television earlier this month for the first time without Paul O'Grady after his death last year.

The series is now presented by This Morning host Alison Hammond, but she has received a lukewarm reception from viewers as the show contunes to look at a range of animals at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in need. More viewers are reportedly turning away from the series following a "bad habit" of Alison's, reports the Mirror.

The habit came to light in the most recent episode which saw her look over the likes of a lurcher requiring urgent surgery after being discovered tied up in a cemetery. Birmingham-born Alison repeatedly used the term "babs" throughout the show when speaking to staff - something which annoyed many.

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Alison Hammond on For The Love of Dogs
Alison's hosting is not to everyone's tastes -Credit:ITV

The term of affection did not wash with many viewers. One said: "Cut out the babs Alison, I hate it when anyone says that." A second said: "If she says Babs again, I'm going to swear, I warn you now! ".

Alison first captured the nation's attention on Big Brother in 2002. Following her departure from the house, she quickly secured a coveted role on This Morning, swiftly becoming a darling of the audience. However, despite her affable nature, For The Love of Dogs' latest ratings have taken a hit since she took over from the late Paul.

Latest figures show that the most recent episode of For The Love of Dogs had 1.8 million viewers - that's way down on figures recorded during Paul's hosting of the show. It has led to much criticism online, but Alison has hit back.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag, she said: "I was actually surprised with how much I got for doing the show. I could understand in the sense that Paul was so loved, and people were saying: 'How can she do Love Of Dogs when she doesn't have a dog?' 'How does she love dogs when she doesn't have a dog? ' It's like saying: 'How can you love children when you haven't got kids?'"

Alison also called the criticisms "flawed" and called out those who were unhappy with her hosting. She said: "If you don't want to help Battersea, don't watch it."