Midsomer Murders gets ITV 'axe' as drama replaced in schedules after one episode of new series

ITV's Midsomer Murders
ITV's Midsomer Murders -Credit:ITV

Midsomer Murders will be replaced in the schedules after just one episode of its new series, with no word yet as to when the rest of the run will air.

For decades now, Midsomer Murders has had millions of viewers thoroughly invested in the many twists and turns of each of its feature length mysteries and this year looks set to be no different, as Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix return as Barnaby and Wilson to lead the cast in four new feature length stories, the first of which - The Blacktrees Prophecy - aired on Sunday, April 14, in the same 8-10pm slot previously occupied by Vera a few months ago.

The two hour episode saw Barnaby and Winter investigate the death of a man whose body was found in a bombproof shelter, as guest stars like EastEnders and Strictly's Nina Wadia and comedy icon Kate Robbins joined them.

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The first episode of Midsomer Murders 23rd series formed part of ITV's spring schedule but, any fans hoping to see the rest of the new episodes in quick succession will be left disappointed, as, there is currently no information available as to when the other parts will air. It had been assumed, they would air over consecutive Sundays, but a look at the TV listings for ITV on Sunday, April 21, shows no sign of Midsomer Murders.

Instead, the second episode of Britain's Got Talent's new series is set to broadcast from 7.40-9pm, as its return dominates ITV's weekend primetime schedule for two nights in a row; before highly anticipated and much hyped thriller Red Eye makes its debut at 9pm, with a cast including Richard Armitage, star of Netflix's The Stranger, Stay Close and Fool Me Once.