ITV This Morning guest stunned as she learns real value of £10 charity shop bargain

An ITV This Morning caller was gobsmacked on Thursday's episode when she discovered the astonishing value of her £10 charity shop find.

During today's show, popular segment 'is your trash worth cash?' featured with expert Dan Hatfield. Catherine, one of the callers, rang in to ascertain whether her charity shop gem was actually a designer piece and was overjoyed with the outcome.

Catherine recounted how she stumbled upon the £10 handbag while donating items at her local charity shop last week. She said: "When I got it home, my teenage daughter, who is up to date with fashion a lot more than me, said: 'Mum, I really think you're onto something there.' I'm not sure if it is [designer]?".

Reflecting on her hesitation over the price, Catherine confessed: "Which I thought, was actually, I mean it's obviously not much but I was umming and ahing. I thought: 'Oh no, £10, I'm having it!".

Dan, an expert and pawnbroker, then astonished her by identifying the handbag as a Stella McCartney and valuing it at a staggering £300, exclaiming: "What a charity shop find!"

After receiving the valuation, as reports the Mirror, Catherine was torn, exclaiming: "I don't know whether to keep it or not! ", hinting she might consider renting out the bag to earn some cash.

The moment echoed a previous surprise on the show when Josie Gibson and Dermot O'Leary were gobsmacked during a segment called "have you got treasure hiding in your home?" earlier this year.

A This Morning guest was left stunned on Thursday's show as she learnt the real incredible amount of her £10 charity shop bargain
A This Morning guest was left stunned on Thursday's show as she learnt the real incredible amount of her £10 charity shop bargain -Credit:ITV

In that episode, viewers rang up to chat with expert Dan about potential treasures in their abodes. One caller, named Rebecca, was curious about the value of her 200 year old garden trough.

Dan, after hearing the size of the trough, noted that value often depends on size. He remarked: "With the measurements in mind, looking at the colour of the stone, very very beautiful... I'm going to value..." but paused to let Josie and Dermot take a guess.

Josie wagered £500 while Dermot ventured £250, only for Dan to astonish them by saying: "If you took your £500 and added another zero to that, you might be getting close!", indicating that such troughs can fetch between £5,000 to £7,000.

The revelation had Josie gasping in amazement as she cried out: "Nice! Oh Rebecca! " and the caller responded with delight, saying it was "fabulous" news. She explained that the trough had already been moved twice with her and she planned to use it as a bargaining chip when selling her property.

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