ITV This Morning presenter gives birth to first child

Sian Welby and her bump on the set of This Morning
-Credit: (Image: Sian Welby Instagram)

This Morning's Sian Welby is now a proud mum after giving birth to her first child. The 37 year old presenter was spotted enjoying a leisurely walk with her radio producer partner Jake Beckett and their newborn.

Capital FM DJ Sian, who had only recently disclosed her baby's gender, was seen carrying her daughter in a sling while holding hands with Jake in pictures shared by The Sun. Earlier this month, Sian shared with her followers that she was expecting a girl.

Describing herself as "an emotional wreck" she announced the news on the Capital Breakfast Show as she was thrown a surprise baby shower. Sian has expressed her heartfelt emotions: "Obviously, you know, it's been a great morning with you boys, the breakfast team, you know, I love you. You've all been so supportive and brilliant.

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"But I do want to say a few words to our listeners, if I can I've written something down because I just really want to just make it clear that it has been an absolute pleasure and an honour being able to share this pregnancy with you all.

"Like, you know, as soon as I'd had that scan at 20 weeks, I told you guys, and I shared it with the UK. And it's just been an incredible journey. I've just loved it. And I've appreciated all of you listening, you know, texting in your help, your words of advice, you've shared your stories with me, you've shared your struggles with me.

"And it means a lot like it really does. This is one of those jobs where you get to connect with people. And you end up feeling like you all know each other. And let me tell you, we have laughed on this show. We've cried. We've talked about IVF miracles, we've talked about weird cravings.

"And before I go off on baby leave, I've decided that I do want to share one more thing with everyone. Because I've decided that Capital Breakfast, it doesn't have listeners, we are a family. Right. And I have told my nearest and dearest, what me and my partner Jake are having because we did find out the sex and you're all invested.

"And it's just been so nice that everyone even cares. It's just lovely. So I've decided as a huge thank you to all of you that have been on this journey with me. I'm going to tell you what I'm having..... It's a girl!"

Sian will be replaced by Kemi Rodgers on the station.