ITV This Morning reveal new show replacement as fans say 'at last'

Cat Deeley and Ben Shepard
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

This Morning fans have expressed their delight as a new show replacement has been confirmed. On Thursday's instalment of the daytime chat show, Cat Deeley and Ben Sheppard did their usual routine of welcoming guests and discussing the latest news and topics.

After the show aired, a post published on the show's social media accounts offered an exciting update for those who missed it on the live show. , the Liverpool Echo reports.

The clip featured Cat and Ben introducing something new for the programme, meaning an old favourite is being replaced. The caption read: "There's a brand new competition coming your way and you could win up to 20K! Here's a first look..."

In the video, Ben said: "Now then we've some exciting news to share with you. From next week, get ready to play a brand new competition that's landing right here in the This Morning studio". Cat added: "Take a look at what the board looks like now".

Fans of the programme were then shown the new "Coin Drop" board, on which those taking part could win up to £20,000. Ben added that the jackpot could be won "every single day".

Viewers have reacted to the clip on Twitter, as one fan commented: "At last, something to replace Spin to Win".

Previously This Morning has featured the Spin to Win competition, where a lucky viewer would win whichever prize the wheel landed on, as long as they said the correct passphrase when called by show hosts.

While some viewers welcomed the change, others said they prefer the old format. A second commenter said: "Ah no I liked spin-to-win. Not that I ever entered."

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