ITV Soccer Aid 2024 Miniminter's real life from professional football hopes to Tommy Fury row

Sidemen star Miniminter
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Sidemen member and internet personality Miniminter will take to the pitch tonight to raise money in Soccer Aid.

The world's biggest charity football match brings together sporting legends with celebrity and tonight's match on ITV is no different. Returning players include Usain Bolt and Robbie Williams but will also feature new stars including Sam Thompson, Stuart Broad and Sidemen's Miniminter.

The internet personality's real name is Simon Minter and at the age of 31 is one of the most well-known members of the YouTube group, also featuring KSI and Ethan Payne.

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Miniminter attended Berkhamsted School in London alongside KSI before they joined The Ultimate Sidemen, which originated from a Rockstar Games Social Club in Grand Theft Auto online back in 2013. Some of the group, including Miniminter moved into a house together in February 2014, allowing them to collaborate more often across the group's five YouTube channels.

Professional football dreams

Last year, Miniminter told how close he was to achieving professional football stardom - which could help him on the pitch tonight.

As well as playing in the annual Sidemen Charity Match, the Leeds fan said he thought that if he had been in an academy and played football every day then he could have been in with a shot of going professional. He said he nearly played in front of a scout, but missed out due to fixtures. He previously told the What's Good podcast: "I was not signed when I was four, I think I could have made it...

"If I was signed to an academy when I was four and made to play football every day, I would have had the chance. I have never had a scout watch me play, I know I am not good enough now at all, but at school level I never had a scout watch me play..."

Sidemen star Miniminter
Sidemen star Miniminter -Credit:PA

Tommy Fury row

Miniminter's name garnered headlines earlier this year after fellow Soccer Aid player Tommy Fury issued him a stern warning.

Fury has clashed with Sidemen counterpart KSI on a number of occasions in the boxing ring and online - and the row went even further when Miniminter got involved. In February this year, Fury warned Miniminter to never mention his daughter again after the YouTuber mentioned his baby Bambi in a podcast when speaking about who would win between him and KSI.

Miniminter said: "It's just weird seeing like Tommy Fury, this pro boxer that everyone obviously, everyone who was like 'I know boxing, Tommy's going to win, like it's not going to be close.' To be that close, Tommy then says he's like done with influencer boxing but won't fight Viddal because he won't sell tickets. So who is he trying to fight?"

He then suggested he struggled to understand Fury and added: "I don't know, his kid's called Bambi."

Fury responded: "Simon from Sidemen, say whatever you want about your mate KSI who lost. But don't ever mention my daughter's name again or me and you're going to have a problem. Keep my child's name out of your mouth."

Miniminter responded in a YouTube video titled: "Tommy Fury called me out" and compared his actions to that of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars. He said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've been called out. You may not have seen the recent drama that's gone about. Basically, Tommy Fury has called me out on Instagram. He has done a Will Smith and said, 'Keep my daughter's name out of your damn mouth!'"

Soccer Aid kicks off at 7.30pm. ITV is airing its coverage from 6pm until 10pm.