ITV's Britain's Got Talent reveal how audience members are mic'd up

Britain's Got Talent panel
Britain's Got Talent panel -Credit:ITV

ITV Britain's Got Talent returned this evening for a phenomenal showcase of the best acts the UK has to offer.

In between performances, the judge's panel took a quick break to fix their mics and chat between themselves. In the audience, a member of the production team was scouring the aisles for a suitable candidate who would finally show how the crowd commentary works.

For several series, the audience has been able to weigh in on the acts with their own attached microphones. Conversation has swirled as to whether or not these mic'd audience members were planted by producers specifically to commentate on the show but an exclusive clip has shown they're very much genuine.

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After choosing the audience members, a member of production said: "Hi guys, how are you? You're going to be a part of our filmed audience so I'm going to pop a couple of mics on you. You know on the telly when people comment on the performances and things like that, that's what this is for."

The brief clip finally showed how audience members are chosen by producers and how the viewers can often hear and see them chat along with the show. However, tonight's chosen audience members were unknowingly accompanying an act that surprised them on stage. Singer Harrison told his parents he was going to the restroom but quickly appeared on stage.

His parents remained in the audience in awe as they watched Harrison receive high praise from the panel and an eventual pass to the next round. They later regrouped in the hallway of the theatre where they shared a hug on camera.

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