ITV's The Fortune Hotel: How it works, host, line-up, prize and when it's on

Group of people with show host in the foreground, all holding briefcases
The Fortune Hotel is starting on ITV -Credit:ITV

The Traitors had BBC One viewers glued to their screens. And now it's ITV's turn to tantalise viewers with their own tense psychological adventure quench with their new reality series The Fortune Hotel.

The show, made up of eight episodes, will keep viewers kept on the edge of their seats as the 10 pairs of contestants and The Fortune Hotel guests will battle it out to get the all-important briefcase containing the £250,000.

ITV described the new reality series, produced by Tuesday’s Child, as: "A thrilling and high-octane new reality entertainment event" that "invites viewers into a luxury Caribbean resort filled with glamour, opulence and deception."

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What The Fortune Hotel is about

Every day the contestants have the chance to try to uncover who has which case by taking part in challenges. Viewers at home have exclusive access to the contestants' plans and strategies. The climax of each episode will be the case swap in the Lady Luck bar, where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case.

Steph Harris, Creative Director, Tuesday’s Child, said: “Channelling the gloss and glamour of White Lotus with the skullduggery of Glass Onion, The Fortune Hotel is an iconic setting for a dramatic high stakes game of cat and mouse – where thrilling reality will keep viewers on the edge of their seat right to the very end.”

Ben Wilson, Series Editor, Tuesday’s Child, added: “When The Fortune Hotel opens for business get ready for sun, sand and secrets. This is the ultimate party game made real. I can’t wait to see pairs of guests working together to outwit and outmanoeuvre their fellow holidaymakers. Let the scheming and case swapping commence."

The Fortune Hotel host Stephen Mangan

The show is hosted by actor and comedian Stephen Mangan. Talking about being involved in the new game show, told This Morning viewers: "It's a really interesting game. You sort of want people's trust but you sometimes have to lie because that's what the game is. It's a mind melt."

"There's all sorts of epic challenges, involving speed boats and beaches and climbing all over the town. It was very exciting and just a thrill.

"No one can relax too much because things change up but you have to try and work out who has the money. You have to be good at the challenges and the challenges really matter in how the game is played.

"I didn't want to know who had the money because I am grilling them all. I just didn't want to lead anyone because it is a life-changing amount of cash. I did try and work out who had it and I was wrong most of the time. It's very hard, people are clever."

The Fortune Hotel line-up

Meet the contestants and why they have chosen to take part:

Best friends Jae and Cherish from South London. Cherish said: "The opportunity that presented itself seemed like a very interesting one at the time and it was throughout the whole process. I think it was also an opportunity for us to travel as best friends and compete for a life changing amount of money in the Caribbean.

Married couple Claire and Daniel from Gloucestershire. Claire said: "We always embrace adventure and wanted to do something together. The opportunity to do something outside of your comfort zone is always a good thing."

Partners Gary and Lesley. Gary said: "Having been off work I was getting cabin fever and wanted to do something different, we’re getting older so want to fit in as many experiences as possible and this just happened to be something that interested us."

Best friends Jen and Susan. Jen said: "When I came across the casting advert, I remember thinking, this show resembled White Lotus meets Glass Onion meets The Traitors and I thought Susan and I would be amazing at this."

Best friends Scott and Tommy. Tommy said: "Two best friends bluffing our way to get 250K whilst being in the sun was a no brainer."

Mother and daughter Abbie and Tracey. Abbie said: "When we got the opportunity for a free holiday I thought why not."

Business partners Chloe and Louie. Chloe said: "Louie asked me if I’d be up for it and I thought free holiday with my bestie and business partner, why not. We also loved the chance to get dressed up every night for filming."

Married couple Samm and Aysha. Samm said: "We’ve never travelled together so it was almost like a honeymoon for us without the relaxation and chill."

Mother and son Jo-Anne and Will. Will said: "The idea of the prize money sounded very appealing. It’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don’t get to do with your mum everyday."

Best friends Adam and Michael. Adam said: "It’s a once in a lifetime experience to share with your best friend which isn’t something that comes around very often."

The Fortune Hotel airs tonight (Monday, May 13) at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.