I've just moved to Liverpool and this is how I spent my first week

Having to adjust to a new way of life is never easy, especially when you're upping your entire life to a new city and starting a new job, all in the same week. It's actually quite daunting.

Last week that's exactly what I did. I packed up my little house in Leeds - after leaving my little North East home town and moving there three years ago for work - and started a new life (yet again) in Liverpool.

This is how I spent my first week living - and working - in Liverpool.

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It's quite overwhelming being plonked in a new city that you have visited less than a handful of times in your 25 years of life. In fact, the handful of times I have been here have either been for spontaneous nights out or for a hen party so as you can imagine I don't actually remember much of what this vibrant city has to offer.

But, with that being said, when I told friends and family I would be moving even further away from my little home town in County Durham they all seemed buzzing for me, and told me I would have a great time in this fab city.

Oh were they right. I know I've only been here a week but so far I have loved every second from work, my new home, the city and stunning little hamlet I live in, to the 40 minute commute on a morning and my short mooch around the city on a lunchtime.

First of all people aren't wrong when they say people from Liverpool are super friendly. Everyone I have met so far has been so welcoming. And, when telling said people where I had decided to move to in Liverpool - Aigburth - they all gave me a "ooo the posh part" followed up by "have you been to Lark Lane or Sefton Park yet?" I can now confirm I have.

I took my first trip to Sefton Park
I took my first trip to Sefton Park -Credit:Megan Banner

When coming to view my new home I drove past Sefton Park - which is literally a five minute walk from my house - and thought to myself 'that looks stunning. I must visit.' So, of course it was my first port of call.

Sefton Park is STUNNING. There is a reason locals tell me it's the best park in the city - they are so right, it was honestly one of the most tranquil places I've had the pleasure of visiting. Make sure you stop off at the fairy glen while visiting and the Palm House, which often has lots of little events and markets on. The park has so many hidden gems to explore, I could have got lost for hours - and intend to when summer finally hits.

A short walk from the park is Lark Lane - bustling with thriving bars, restaurants, brunch spots and quirky little independent shops selling the cutest little nick-knacks imaginable. Definitely worth a visit - I can't wait to hit it on pay day.

Sadly, I can't comment on Aigburth being the 'posh part' because I'm still figuring out my bearings but it definitely is a nice area. If anyone is thinking of upping sticks to Liverpool then Aigburth has my recommendation. I live in a house share with five other girls - the loveliest girls I could have asked to stumble across living with. So far it's been great, they all love wine and games nights as much as me, what more could I be asking for?

The area is stunning, I'm completely in love with the gorgeous red-brick Georgian style terraced houses in Aigburth. Some of the buildings are HUGE - actually the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen in my life - especially those near to Sefton Park - though I hear a lot of them are converted into flats these days.

Sefton Park is my new favourite beauty spot
Sefton Park is my new favourite beauty spot -Credit:Megan Banner

There is also so much going on, of course we have the renowned Lark Lane, but there is also Smithdown Road and Allerton close by which are bustling with more bars, restaurants and quirky little shops - not to be biased but I've picked the best place to live.

Getting to grips with the Merseyrail system however has been a new experience for me. I'm used to working from home so the commute was a little tiring the first couple of days, however, I'm now getting used to it. Its something I've always dreamed of having, that city centre commute to the big city and my city centre office, without having to move to London - maybe I've just watched too many romcoms - I'm sure the novelty will ware off before long.

The city centre - or 'town' - itself is beautiful with so much going on, things to see and do every day of the week. I feel like I've only had chance to see a teeny snippet of what Liverpool's thriving city has to offer and plan on seeing and doing so much more over the coming months.

Albert Dock is one of the city's best beauty spots in my opinion, full of little cafes, restaurants and little shops to browse - while surrounded by some of Liverpool's top tourist attractions - I'm yet to visit sadly. Liverpool even has its own museum dedicated to the city's amazing history and of course there is so much to see about the famous Beatles, including bars and a museum dedicated to the renowned band - it's on the list!

Liverpool is dowsed in history, from the Beatles, to the docks, its Irish heritage and so so much more and honestly when you wander around its streets you can see it bursting out. I'm in awe at this city. I refuse to leave.

The city centre is so beautiful
The city centre is so beautiful -Credit:Megan Banner

And, for those who love shopping there are thousands of shops to browse, I took a little stroll through Liverpool ONE - which my credit card hated - but I loved. There's a lovely little grass area to sit on in the sun too. Plus, it's a close walk to the docks - I know I've already spoke about them but please go and visit.

Finally, we come to the bar scene. I'd only ever been to Liverpool for nights out and everyone who I spoke to before moving here told me "oh it's such a good night out." They weren't wrong, you have Mathew Street, Castle Street, Concert Square and endless pubs, bars, clubs and venues to hit. In my week of being here I've sadly only had the chance to visit a select few from Lark Lane to The Vines in town and they were lovely! All's I'm saying about The Vines is that I was genuinely gobsmacked at how UNREAL the building was - I'm saying no more because I need you to experience the utter astonishment I was in when I saw it - make sure you check out the 'big room.' I can't wait to experience my first big Liverpool night out soon - I'm sure I'll tell you all about it.

I moved to Liverpool one week ago - here's how I spent it
I moved to Liverpool one week ago - here's how I spent it -Credit:Megan Banner

There has been so much I want to see and do in Liverpool, but unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day to fill my first week here. My first week has been an unreal experience, from the overwhelming first day to visiting the city's most beautiful park (biased I know), checking out its bars and shops, to its history and sight seeing. I have loved every single second - and I can't wait to get to explore much much more.

My list of places to see is getting longer by the minute - I squeezed as much as possible into my first week. Baltic triangle is next on my list, I've heard its swarming with things to see.

Liverpool is already starting to feel like home... although I think my biggest adjustment is going to be having to call Asda, THE Asda.

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