I've lost 73 pounds in 10 months. Here are 10 products from Costco that help me keep the weight off.

I've lost 73 pounds in 10 months. Here are 10 products from Costco that help me keep the weight off.
  • I've dropped 73 pounds in 10 months, and a few items at Costco have helped me along the way.

  • Protein-rich foods like the Kirkland Signature organic plain Greek yogurt are always in my fridge.

  • For quick meals, I buy the Honey Smoked Fish Co. salmon stackers and the Kirkland Signature hummus.

As someone on a fitness journey, I always love exploring the shelves at Costco to find items that help me achieve my protein and calorie goals.

Like many typical Costco shoppers, I prioritize getting healthy meals and snacks when grocery shopping. In fact, compared to shoppers at the store's competitors, Costco members are more likely to take an active interest in managing their health.

Since starting my weight-loss journey 10 months ago, I've shed 73 pounds, thanks in part to a few foods I've found at Costco. Here are 10 products I get at Costco to stay on track with my fitness journey.

The Honey Smoked Fish Co. salmon stackers make a quick, yummy lunch.

A hand holds a blue and red package of salmon snackers, with flakes of salmon, crackers, and a white spread inside
The Honey Smoked Fish Co. salmon stackers contain fish, crackers, and a spread.Myriam Estrella

My favorite on-the-go protein hit is a pack of the Honey Smoked Fish Co. salmon stackers.

These little boxes containing honey-smoked salmon, crackers, and a lemon-chive spread make for an easy lunch that keeps my cravings at bay. Just peel the plastic cover off, and you have a delicious meal with 13 grams of protein.

SunPix hearts of palm are crunchy and taste delicious with cottage cheese.

A hand holds a two-pack of hearts of palm in clear glass jars. The jars have yellow, blue, and pink labels on them
I like to have the SunPix hearts of palm with tuna salad or a cottage-cheese dip.Myriam Estrella

Hearts of palm have been game-changers during my weight-loss journey. I use them to scoop up tuna salad and cottage-cheese dips.

The crunchy vegetable pairs well with so many foods for low-calorie, tasty snacks.

When I need a protein boost, I reach for the Foppen Norwegian smoked-salmon slices.

A hand holds blue package with a Norwegian flag on it containing sliced smoked salmon at Costco
The Foppen Norwegian smoked-salmon slices pair well with tomatoes, cream cheese, and capers.Myriam Estrella

When I'm hungry and need a quick meal, I layer sliced smoked salmon on tomatoes with cream cheese and capers. It's simple yet so yummy.

Smoked salmon also has a ton of protein — this pack has 11 grams per serving.

I love how crunchy and fresh the Wild Wonders mini peppers are.

A hand holds a bag with a blue label full of small yellow, orange, and red peppers at Costco
The Wild Wonders mini peppers make the perfect snack.Myriam Estrella

When I need a fiber-rich snack, I stuff these mini peppers with cottage cheese and sprinkle them with Tajín and a drizzle of chamoy, a savory sauce made with pickled fruit.

I also use them as vessels for other dips — because there's nothing I love more than a creamy and crunchy pairing.

I use the Kirkland Signature organic plain Greek yogurt as a base for all of my dips.

A hand holds a white tub of Kirkland Signature Greek yogurt with green lettering on it in front of cardboard boxes at Costco
The Kirkland Signature organic plain Greek yogurt can be dressed up with the right combination of spices.Myriam Estrella

Kirkland Signature Greek yogurt is the secret ingredient in all of my dips. It adds a great creaminess and a lot of protein — 18 grams per serving, to be exact.

Its mild flavor is also easy to cover up or complement with so many spices.

I use the Safe Catch ahi yellowfin tuna steaks in a couple of dishes.

Two hands hold packages of tuna with yellow packaging and illustrations of tuna fish on them
I sometimes put the Safe Catch ahi yellowfin tuna steaks in a dip.Myriam Estrella

The Safe Catch ahi yellowfin tuna packs are nutrient-dense powerhouses with 17 grams of protein per serving.

Typically, I mix the tuna with mayo, seasonings, and Greek yogurt for a satisfying dip. I might also stuff some tuna in mini peppers for a quick snack with the perfect crunch.

I snack on the Sunset seedless cucumbers in between meals.

A hand holds a clear plastic bag of snacking cucumbers in front of a purple cardboard box at Costco
The Sunset seedless cucumbers are delicious with a dip or by themselves.Myriam Estrella

Seedless cucumbers are crunchy and last ages in my fridge. I usually pair these with a dip, but they're also great by themselves with lime juice and Tajín sprinkled on top.

Single-serve cups of Kirkland Signature organic hummus help me practice portion control.

A hand holds a white and green box of organic hummus in front of boxes of guacamole and more containers of hummus at Costco
The Kirkland Signature organic hummus cups are the perfect size for a quick snack.Myriam Estrella

I don't enjoy counting calories, so I buy as many single-serve items as possible. The single-serve Kirkland Signature organic hummus cups are awesome for keeping my portion sizes in check.

Each pack comes with 20 cups that taste amazing with veggies or crackers.

When I'm craving sweets, I'll buy a box of Gushers.

A hand holds a bright-yellow box of Gushers with illustrations of the candy on the front
42 pouches come in a box of Gushers.Myriam Estrella

Small treats keep me from feeling deprived of sweets, and Gushers are the perfect answer to those candy cravings.

I eat everything in moderation, so I love that Costco carries boxes filled with single-serve packs of Gushers. Each box comes with 42 pouches of tropical and strawberry flavors.

I'm not usually into health drinks, but the Slate protein shakes are delicious.

White packages of protein shakes with images of brown and white drinks on the front
I pair the Slate protein shakes with cereal.Myriam Estrella

I'd describe the Slate protein shakes as chocolate milk that went to the gym. Each can contains 20 grams of protein, and the milkshakes taste amazing with cereal.

I'm not usually a fan of protein drinks, but this one is an everyday staple for me.

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