"I've never seen anything like it!": Drivers left stunned as horses 'on the loose' wreak havoc galloping down street

The horses were filmed galloping down the road beside traffic
The horses were filmed galloping down the road beside traffic -Credit:Maryam Sardar

Video footage captured the moment a group of horses 'on the loose' wreaked havoc running along a busy street in Oldham on Wednesday evening (May 15).

Drivers were left stunned after the herd of horses began galloping along Oldham Road, near to Tandle Hills Park, narrowly missing cars in the process.

Nurse Maryam Sardar, who filmed the incident unfold, said she immediately phoned the police after the 'scary' incident, as the 'unaccompanied' horses charged down the street.

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It is unknown where the horses had come from, however Maryam said she suspected they had escaped from a local farm before capturing them on camera at around 7.30pm.

"I was heading towards Rochdale and the horses were charging at us, heading towards Oldham," she said. "Nobody was getting out of their cars as there were seven horses, not just a few.

"I felt quite scared. At one point, a horse looked at my camera in the eye and almost looked like they were coming straight towards my car as opposed to weaving in and out of traffic.

"It was busy on the roads; there were lots of cars on both sides but the horses were completely unaccompanied and doing their own thing. Multiple different breeds and sizes of horses that I assume had escaped from a local farm.

"I’ve never seen anything like it and so many. We do see escaped animals but none charging at such a speed and in the road. I just hope nobody was hurt. I called the police as soon as I saw them."

A post was later shared to a local Facebook group by a concerned resident who asked: "Has anyone lost any horses? There’s 6+ running down Rochdale Road" as another person commented: "They galloped past mine on the corner of Tandle Hill Road - on their own!!"

A woman claiming to own the horses later commented to say they had been found safely. She posted: "Thank you to everyone who helped tonight with our runaway ponies/horses we all really appreciate everything that you have all done tonight. Again thank you."