I've visited over 50 European cities. Here are the 5 I can't wait to return to.

Dasha stands in front of a row of colorful buildings in Edinburgh. Behind her, people are walking around near the shops.
I've traveled to over 50 cities in Europe.Dasha Kofman
  • After visiting over 50 European cities, I'm often asked which places have been my favorites.

  • However, I've found that each city I've been to has offered something different.

  • A few of my favorite places to visit include Barcelona and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It's looking like 2024 is a good time to travel to Europe, especially if you want to avoid extra paperwork and fees.

European Union (EU) authorities have been working on a system that makes it mandatory for many travelers, including Americans, to obtain a visa-like document in order to visit most countries in the EU.

Although the requirement was meant to be put in place this year, it's since been delayed to 2025 — so you may want to book that European trip sooner rather than later.

As someone who's visited over 50 European cities, I can help you narrow down your options. Here are the five cities in Europe I absolutely loved and can't wait to return to.

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world.

Dasha drinking a glass of red wine on a balcony. Behind her is La Sagrada Familia.
In my opinion, Barcelona offers something for everyone. Dasha Kofman

Barcelona is, dare I say, my favorite city in the world. Its unique architecture is reason enough to visit, but Spain also offers some of the best cuisine around.

Barcelona truly offers something for everyone, from parks and beaches to nightclubs and cafés.

When I visited Bunkers del Carmel, a popular lookout spot that provides stunning views of Barcelona, I felt a true sense of community. Here, I found people simply drinking wine and enjoying the views together.

Porto, Portugal, is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

A European city on the water at sunset.
The sunsets in Porto, Portugal, are stunning.Dasha Kofman

I've found that Porto is often overlooked for Portugal's more popular city, Lisbon. When I visited Porto, however, I spent my days sitting by the waterfront, drinking port wine, and eating amazing Portuguese food.

Seeing the sunset here is a right of passage — I recommend catching one at Jardim do Morro, a garden overlooking the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland, is easy to explore on foot.

Dasha stands in front of a row of colorful buildings in Edinburgh. Behind her, people are walking around near the shops.
I love Edinburgh's medieval architecture.Dasha Kofman

When I visited Edinburgh, I felt like I was on the set of a Harry Potter film. The medieval architecture is unlike anything I've seen before, and it's easy to explore the city on foot.

The food scene did not disappoint, and I learned that Scottish cuisine is much more than just haggis. I recommend checking out restaurants like Oink and The Bon Vivant.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, is full of natural beauty.

Buildings with ornate architecture near a canal with boats and a bridge.
Ljubljana is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing cities I've been to.Dasha Kofman

Ljubljana, Slovenia, is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing cities I've visited. Its natural beauty is unmatched, and it's very easy to get around from the city center.

In my opinion, a trip to Ljubljana isn't complete without a visit to Lake Bled, where travelers can enjoy turquoise waters and gorgeous mountains.

The city also has an award-winning food scene, with multiple Michelin stars to show for it.

Visiting Colmar, France, makes me feel like I'm in a Disney movie.

Dasha standing next to a Christmas tree and colorful buildings decorated for Christmas. There are lots of people walking in the area.
I visited the Christmas markets in Colmar, France.Dasha Kofman

Colmar, located in the Alsace region of France, feels like a Disney movie come to life. I've visited the famous Christmas markets in the region, but the area has so much to offer.

Aside from Christmas festivities, Alsace is also known for its wine. In my opinion, the Alsace wine route is an underrated travel destination, as it's often outshined by more popular areas like Paris and the South of France.

Whether it's your first or fifth time in France, I recommend adding Colmar to your list of cities to visit.

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