J.K. Rowling's transphobia has gotten so tiresome even Elon Musk wants her to chill

Elon Musk; J.K. Rowling
Elon Musk; J.K. Rowling

When even Elon Musk is suggesting toning down the bigotry, it should be obvious things have gotten way out of hand.

The world's most obnoxious billionaire took a break from pumping up his own ego and fighting against "wokeness" over the weekend to ask J.K. Rowling to cool it with the transphobia. Of course, this has nothing to do with Musk suddenly having a change of heart about trans issues — but he does agree with the hoards of people who think the Harry Potter author could take a breather and talk about literally anything else every now and then.

Way too much of Rowling's own identity seems to have become wrapped up in her crusade against trans people over the last few years. Most recently, she responded to someone on Twitter who wanted to know if she thinks that "ONLY equipment makes one a woman" with a 700-word essay opposing "gender identity" (per usual) on the platform.

The transphobic keyboard warriors she's picked up over the years readily applauded her, most of her critics ignored yet another regurgitation of the same old tired ramblings, and then there was Musk.

"While I heartily agree with your points regarding sex/gender," he wrote, "may I suggest also posting interesting and positive content on other matters?"


As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day — Rowling has frequently been criticized for spending way too much time talking about trans people. It seems fair to call it an outright obsession at this point and a tiresome one at that.

Meanwhile, hate speech and other harmful content have run rampant ever since Musk purchased Twitter, and he has been known to post and engage with transphobic content himself. Earlier this year, however, the platform quietly reinstated policies against deadnaming and misgendering people. It's almost like someone realized it's harder to profit when your platform has a reputation for welcoming bigotry.

Now, Musk may be faced with the task of reining in the people who have felt empowered to spew whatever garbage they want since he purchased Twitter. If so...good luck with that, dude!