Jack Catterall is SICK of Josh Taylor talk as he vows to put the Tartan Tornado to bed

Jack Catterall admits he's SICK of talking about Josh Taylor and wants to put all talk of the Scot – and the Tartan Tornado himself – to bed.

The pair will finally step into the ring once more for their long-awaited light welterweight rematch on Saturday, May 25. It's now over two years since Taylor won a controversial split decision over the Chorley boxer at the Hydro. The British Boxing Board of Control launched an investigation into the scoring of the bout, with many feeling Taylor would have been fortunate to draw, never mind win and that Catterall should have had his hand raised after the final bell.

Now they'll both go into the ring in Leeds' First Direct Arena with a point to prove; Catterall to show that he was indeed robbed and Taylor that he can still beat the Englishman no matter who the judges are. The two years since have been non-stop talk of the rematch and Catterall literally settling the score. He admits that's started to grate and can't wait for the chance to shut everyone up, especially Taylor.

"I'm sick of talking about him," said Catterall. "It was for 18 months before the first fight, since I became mandatory for the WBO title. Then we got f**** to one side for over a year, waiting for the fight. Then we had the fight, and it's been no-stop after the fight.

"I understand it's part of my journey and it's part of Josh's journey. We'll always be linked with that. But to be able to go to the park with my daughter, or go shopping and not get asked 'when's the fight happening? Is it happening?' It will be nice to put it to bed for a bit."

There's been no love lost between Catterall and Taylor since they were first thrown together. Insults have been flung back and forth in the aftermath of the first fight and the build up to this one with Catterall saying this week that the Edinburgh favourite is a fighter on the decline. And while Catterall is confident he can park the emotion and focus on the task in hand, he's not so sure Taylor can.

He said: "That's part of the build up. It's been fun, it's been exciting and it is what it is. It's sold the fight well, although I believe the fight was going to sell anyway.

"I'm one of those people, I don't stand for no s***. he's probably the same. We've not seen eye to eye and there's been a lot of back and forth. It's expected with Josh.

"But come fight night, I believe I'm the one that will be able to park and detach from it. I'll go in there and do what I need to do. We've seen Josh; he fights with emotion, like he carries himself with emotion. Maybe he doesn't. But come the first bell, it's game on and I'm going to beat him."