Jack Catterall vows to END Josh Taylor's career and secure world title shot

Josh Taylor (left) and Jack Catterall (right) -Credit:Getty Images
Josh Taylor (left) and Jack Catterall (right) -Credit:Getty Images

Jack Catterall is confident that a victory over his fierce rival Josh Taylor at the First Direct Arena in Leeds this Saturday will catapult him towards a much-anticipated world title opportunity in the highly competitive super-lightweight division.

The long-standing adversaries are set to clash again in a major showdown this weekend, broadcast live on DAZN in the UK and globally, and exclusively on ESPN+ in the U. S. Chorley boxer Catterall (28-1, 13 KOs) asserts that a decisive win over former undisputed 140lbs champion Taylor will confirm his place on the big stage.

"I think we've had two years since the fight where I've matured in and out of the ring," said Catterall, speaking to Matchroom Boxing. "I've been doing a lot of developing and I think it's my time now to prove that I do belong in these big fights. Once I beat Josh I'll go on and win a world title."

"I want to prove myself and fight the best, if this is the fight and victory that I need to put myself one step closer to the world titles, then game on. I want to be involved in big fights and this is a big fight. It would have been the cherry on top if we could have got it for a world title, I have ambitions to go on and win a world title, but this fight is worthy of a World Title, and it gets me up for it."

The feud between the two boxers has been simmering with tension since their clash in February 2022 at The OVO Hydro Arena in Glasgow, where Taylor narrowly retained his undefeated status through a contentious split decision. "Do I think Josh Taylor ever avoided me? Of course", added Catterall. "Josh doesn't want to fight me.

"Since the first fight we've had the fight rescheduled maybe four times now. He's looking for any way out. He's in a position where he has to fight me.

"I think he's been forced into this position. When you look at the landscape, the fights that are there and the fights that aren't there, this fight makes a lot of sense. Do I think he wants it? No. Does he have to take it? Yes."

"He didn't want this, he had great plans to go to 147 and challenge for world titles up there. He cemented 140 but unfortunately for him, his biggest fight is me. I know that he's my biggest fight, I can accept that, but for him I think it's frustrating that he can't go up and fight Crawford etc, because it stinks still so he's got to fight me."

In what's shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated rematches in recent British boxing memory, the bitter adversaries are set to square off again in a 12-round Super-Lightweight bout on neutral ground. After more than two years of anticipation, Catterall expresses his eagerness to face Taylor once more.

"He's not my type of person," Catterall declared. "I don't think we would go out for a coffee or a beer. I just don't like him. I can't wait to stop talking about him. I want to beat him in every way possible.

"I want to make it slow and painful, but I also want to knock him out cold. He should enjoy this, it's probably going to be his last fight. There's no room to hide Josh. Rival, enemy Josh Taylor is that to me. The judges can't save him. I can't f***ing wait."