Jack Tweed Claims He And Late Wife Jade Goody ‘Sold Fake Stories’ For Money

Jack Tweed has taken to Twitter to share an insight into the world of fame, explaining that he and late wife Jade Goody would sell ‘fake’ stories to the media for money.

This came after he criticised ex-girlfriend Chanelle Hayes, who had appeared on Loose Women in her bikini, where she spoke about feeling body confident.

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He tweeted: “Why do i keep seeing things about Chanelle Hayes being HAPPY at 30 stone surely people don’t believe this [sic]”.

Responding to a fan, he added: “she put on weight and went on holiday for 4 hours to do pap shots for media attention ..she’s not happy that weight #dvd [sic]”.

As followers continued to reply, Jack made his confession about selling stories, writing: “Some strange clueless people in that z list world that believe anything.

“The amount of bulls**t that me and jade used to make up.

“When she wanted a new car or whatever just make some lie up every1 believes it 4 storys and 30k later ur laughing.. [sic]”.

He later wrote: “seriously !!!! people are not stupid.and must no half they read is rubbish ? Ffs [sic]”.

He then added that people are ‘not that naive’ to believe everything they read and that such stories ‘didn’t fund their lifestyle’, saying: “Do people really believe that people don’t do set up pap shots etc?”

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Jade found fame as one of Big Brother’s most memorable housemates, but tragically died aged 27 in 2009 after battling cervical cancer.

In June, Jack paid tribute to Jade on the anniversary of her death, sharing photos and tweeting: “7 years gone today but she will never be forgotten. Miss you #RememberJade.”