Jacob Elordi’s new movie is now available on streaming

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Priscilla is now available to watch at homeA24/Sabrina Lantos

Priscilla, starring Jacob Elordi as the King of Rock n Roll, is now available to watch at home.

Elordi plays Elvis Presley in the Sofia Coppola directed film, which explores the relationship between the late music icon and his only wife Priscilla Presley, played by Cailee Spaeny.

Those who've yet to see the critically-acclaimed film can now stream Priscilla via MUBI (and via the MUBI channel on Prime Video), with the film being released on the platform today (March 1). The film is available to viewers in the UK and Ireland with a MUBI subscription.

In the US, you can also watch the movie online, with Priscilla available to rent for $5.99 and buy for $19.99 on Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes and other digital retailers.

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The movie charts the couple's unprecedented relationship, starting with the lovers' first meeting in 1959, when a then-14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu met the 24-year-old music star.

Coppola recreates the pair's famous 1967 Las Vegas nuptials in the film and the subsequent arrival of their only child, daughter Lisa-Marie, ending with Elvis and Priscilla's eventual divorce in October 1973.

Whilst somewhat overlooked this awards season, Coppola's film has been praised by critics, earning an impressive 'Certified Fresh' Rotten Tomatoes rating of 84%.

cailee spaeny, priscilla
Philippe Le Sourd

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Spaeny previously told Digital Spy, that in her eyes she only had one critic to please with her portrayal - Priscilla herself.

"She was very moved," she told us. "She took me aside and said: 'I watched my life through you'. At the end of the day, that's all I wanted, for her to feel safe."

Spaeny also praised Elordi's performance in the film calling the Saltburn star "the most amazing young actor".

"He cares so much, and he was so supportive of me and my performance," she said. "He was a great person to bounce off of. A lot of this movie is Priscilla reacting to Elvis."

Priscilla is now available to stream on MUBI in the UK and Ireland. In the US, it's available to rent or buy on Amazon, Microsoft Store, iTunes and other digital retailers.

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