Jade Goody doc reveals chilling Shilpa Shetty exchange before reality star's cancer diagnosis

Amy West
Channel 4's Jade Goody documentary revealed Shilpa Shetty's final words to the reality star before she received her cervical cancer diagnosis (Channel 4/EndemolShine India)

Channel 4’s Jade Goody documentary series came to its heartbreaking conclusion last night (August 21), as it detailed the last seven months of her life.

The final instalment of Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain tracked Goody’s time in Indian Big Brother, also known as Bigg Boss, and her cervical cancer diagnosis to her’s and Jack Tweed’s wedding and her death.

Fans tuning in found the whole episode “tragic,” but the moment when Goody entered the Bigg Boss house and was greeted by host Shilpa Shetty turned out to be particularly chilling.

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"I really have to salute your spirit,” the Bollywood actress told the media personality, setting aside the animosity between them since the Celebrity Big Brother racism row kicked off the previous year. “You really have a never say die attitude."

Goody received news of her cervical cancer diagnosis during her time in the 'Bigg Boss' house (Channel 4/EndemolShine India)

Just two days later, Bigg Boss called Goody into the Diary Room, where she was told that she had cervical cancer. Even her phone call to doctors in London was recorded and televised.

As the episode aired last night, viewers took to Twitter to say that filming Goody’s reaction to the news was “horrible” and proof that reality TV had taken “a step too far” in the late 2000s.

“I didn't know she got the news about her illness on TV,” one social media said. “Horrible.”

Shilpa Shetty, right, is seen with British tabloid celebrity Jade Goody, on the set of the reality show Big Boss. (AP Photo)

“How the hell did they get away with broadcasting that..... Shocking,” wrote another.

“Whatever you think about #JadeGoody being told you've got cancer on live TV was wrong,” a third added. “Reality television has a lot to answer for.”

Goody left the Bigg Boss house early to return to the UK, but stayed very much in the public eye and remained candidly transparent about her deteriorating health.

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During an appearance on This Morning, Goody could be seen telling presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “I’ve got a great medical team and if I give up, if I stop, I know my brain will eat over and I know I’ll get depressed. I’d get down, and I don’t want to be that.

“I just want to carry on as normal. Me staying busy is my way of getting better.”

She passed away on March 22 2009.

All three episodes of Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain are available on All4.

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