Jail for 'smirking' driver caught on camera knocking cyclist off bike

An ‘intimidating’ driver who deliberately knocked a cyclist off his bike and caused serious injury from dangerous driving has been jailed.

William Status Heslop, 33, was driving along Ousegate in Selby on 26 June 2018 when he turned right into Barlby Road at the same time as the cyclist.

The person on the bicycle, who was travelling in the opposite direction, turned left.

Heslop cut across the cyclist’s path who shook his head at him due to the way he was driving, before the driver then carried out a series of dangerous manoeuvres.

Heslop received two years for causing serious injury to the cyclist (PA)

As the cyclist continued behind the car, Heslop braked sharply for no apparent reason.

Heslop then turned his wheels in the direction of the cyclist who carried on along the road.

A few seconds later Heslop deliberately drove into the 55-year-old cyclist causing him to fall off his bike.

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The cyclist sustained a number of broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung.

Appearing at York Crown Court on Friday, Heslop was handed a two-year jail sentence.

He was banned from driving for three years after release and must take an extensive driving test to regain his licence.

18th Century architecture of York County Court.  There is a carving on the cornice and a statue above.  A dramatic sky is above and the view is framed with foliage.
He was sentenced bu a jury at York County Court (GETTY)

PC Richard Stagg from Selby police, said: “It’s not quite clear what Heslop hoped to achieve by his intimidating and ultimately dangerous behaviour towards the cyclist.

“But I hope this case sends a clear message to motorists who think they can get away with such aggressive behaviour towards other road users.

“We urge everyone to share the road and be courteous to each other otherwise you could end up in prison with a criminal record that will have a long-term, knock-on effect on other aspects of your life.”