Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva LIVE! Boxing results, fight stream, latest news and reaction

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva LIVE! Boxing results, fight stream, latest news and reaction

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva LIVE!

Jake Paul remains undefeated as a professional boxer after claiming the best win of his fledgling career to date in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday night. ‘The Problem Child’ was returning to the ring for the first time since his emphatic knockout in a rematch with Tyron Woodley last December, having seen proposed bouts with Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr fall through.

As expected, UFC icon Silva provided the toughest test so far for Paul, who contested several close rounds before gaining more control and finally knocking down the Brazilian, who made it to the final bell but was defeated on all three judges’ scorecards. After moving to 6-0, Paul immediately called out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez for future showdowns.

There was plenty of intriguing action on Saturday’s undercard, with another fearsome knockout for teenage Paul prodigy Ashton Sylve and a fine win for Alexandro Santiago, while ex-UFC middleweight Uriah Hall beat former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell and former MMA fighter Chris Avila was victorious over YouTuber Mikhail ‘Doctor Mike’ Varshavski.

Boxing schedule and results

Jake Paul bt Anderson Silva

Ashton Sylve bt Braulio Rodriguez

Alexandro Santiago bt Antonio Nieves

Uriah Hall bt Le’Veon Bell

Chris Avila bt Mikhail ‘Doctor Mike’ Varshavski

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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva latest news

  • Jake Paul outpoints Anderson Silva in main event

  • Paul calls out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez

  • Wins for Sylve and Santiago on undercard

  • Le’Veon Bell and Doctor Mike defeated on pro debuts

05:39 , George Flood

What a picture...

05:28 , George Flood

Nate Diaz hits back!

Jake Paul calls out Nate Diaz and Canelo Alvarez

05:01 , George Flood

04:51 , George Flood

Kind words for Paul to Silva after that engrossing main event and an inspirational message for kids everywhere to try and achieve their dreams.

He then switches back into ‘Problem Child’ mode and calls out Nate Diaz for a fight, calling him a b***h and complaining that he always turns up to his events and leaves early.

He also demands a fight with a certain Canelo Alvarez...

Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva on points

04:45 , George Flood

77-74, 78-73 x 2 - all three cards in favour of your winner and still undefeated, Jake Paul!

He moves to 6-0 as a professional boxer.

04:45 , George Flood

Here come the scores...

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:43 , George Flood

Round 8

Silva certainly did not give up there, landing a stinging right of his own when the game appeared up.

But a strong finish from Paul, a 10-8 round and he’s definitely won this.

He celebrates after the final bell, while Silva looks very disconsolate.

He knows he’s been beaten and he’s probably very frustrated with himself.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:40 , George Flood

Round 8

Silva is down in the eighth!

A wicked Paul combination finds the mark and he’s jolted back onto the canvas.

He gets up and will carry on, but this could end now.

Silva definitely needs a knockout himself now...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:39 , George Flood

Into the final three minutes we go!

Will there be a late knockout or are we going to the cards?

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:38 , George Flood

Round 7

A bit more caution being thrown to the wind from Paul early in the seventh as he tries to set up that monster right hand, landing it a couple of times to good effect.

I can’t quite believe Silva is still keeping this frenetic pace in the penultimate round. All credit to him.

Both men are still throwing plenty, but it’s less effective from the Brazilian now.

That’s another Paul round. It’s close, but I think he’s on top.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:35 , George Flood

Silva is again warned for punching after the bell before the start of the seventh.

“You’ve got to win this fight cleanly,” he says.

Did he even punch after the bell there?!

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:34 , George Flood

Round 6

Too passive from Silva for the most part in the sixth, but again there are fireworks before the bell.

Good combinations from Paul, going from body to head with aplomb.

Silva lands that uppercut again and rallies in the final seconds, letting his hands ago in dangerous fashion.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:31 , George Flood

Round 5

A good Silva round.

Somehow, despite pushing 50, he’s matching Paul’s pace and having a lot of success with those uppercuts.

Paul is in a serious fight here.

Only three rounds to go. It’s close!

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:26 , George Flood

Silva is warned for punching after the bell.

Any more of that and you’ll have a point deducted, warns the referee.

Not what he wants in a close fight like this.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:26 , George Flood

Round 4

This is a decent, back-and-forth fight so far.

Both men exchange plenty of good shots again but Paul has come on as the aggressor, looking to inflict real damage with his dangerous right hand.

A strong finish to the fourth from ‘The Spider’, who dazes Paul and looks to drive in a couple of strong uppercuts.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:23 , George Flood

“You keep pushing my head down,” is the complaint from Paul to Silva at the start of round four.

That bleeding nose is really bothering Silva, who keeps pawing at it.

Is it broken? It’s bleeding a lot.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:21 , George Flood

Round 3

This is good from Silva so far, he’s backing up Paul and driving in that left hand.

He also lands his right and goes to the body, but Paul is continually firing back.

This is some tempo in the third... can the 47-year-old Silva keep this up?

Paul is looking more confident as he lands the right, but Silva replies with one of his own.

Paul is really upping the tempo now and Silva has to keep the pace.

A lot of tying up now and close-range exchanges, but Silva is still doing well and pops a little uppercut on the inside just before the bell.

The Brazilian is bleeding from the nose as he returns to his corner.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:18 , George Flood

Round 2

Better from Silva as he crunches in a left hand near the ropes, but he’s also missing wildly at times.

An uppercut lands on the inside from Silva, then Paul tries to get his jab working but is caught again with a left hook.

Silva is shuffling around the ring and lands a short left, Paul unloads and just misses with what would have been a huge overhand right that could have spelled the end.

I thought Silva was accidentally going to throw a kick for a second there. Likely a deliberate feint to psych out his opponent.

His hands are down and he’s looking a bit too confident at the moment with 10 seconds left in the round.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:14 , George Flood

Round 1

Silva looks relaxed from the first bell, but he’s extremely - and I mean extremely - reluctant to throw anything and merely resorts to touching away the jab after earlier connecting with a solid left hand upstairs.

Paul is throwing a lot but not landing much, but all the intent is from his side, so you have to give him the opening round.

Hopefully this starts to heat up in the second...

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

04:09 , George Flood

Here we go!

Can Jake Paul improve to 6-0 as a professional boxer, or will UFC icon Anderson Silva halt his winning run?

It’s finally time to find out...

04:06 , George Flood

No dallying from Paul, who comes out to Pop Smoke and a 50 Cent remix.

He’s wearing a bulletproof vest with his ‘Problem Child’ moniker.

Some boos from the crowd...

04:02 , George Flood

Long wait over, here comes Anderson Silva!

He’s draped in a gold and black robe as “No Sunshine“ by DMX blares out in the background.

03:58 , George Flood

Interesting to hear plenty of cheers for Anderson Silva when his face appeared on the big screen a few moments ago.

This is far from an all-pro Jake Paul crowd.

Finally the ring walks are upon us!

03:56 , George Flood

Jake Paul looks laser-focused behind the scenes as he stalks around his dressing room, with his brother in close support.

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is still getting loose and laughing and joking. I think we’re waiting on the Brazilian here, rather than Paul.

Too relaxed, or is that the perfect sort of state to be in for a huge event like this?

03:52 , George Flood

Paul said this week that this fight could well come down to who wants it more, which he believes is him.

On his alter-ego, he says: “I come alive in the ring. It’s not Jake in there, it’s someone else that I tap into.”

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva insists that the result of tonight’s clash will not affect his fighting legacy.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

03:48 , George Flood

A bit of a delay before the main event, which is to be expected given just how quickly Ashton Sylve managed to secure that eighth successive knockout.

But we’ll be underway very soon!

Jake Paul: It’s time for war

03:42 , George Flood

A reminder of Jake Paul’s words after tapping into his alter-ego ‘The Problem Child’ at yesterday’s weigh-in after a week of pleasantries and respectful exchanges.

“I said it’s my generation,” he said. “It’s my time. To be a legend, you’ve got to beat a legend. It’s time for war. I asked him if he’s ready.

“It’s been nice, nice, nice. It’s been sweet, sweet, sweet. I respect that man. But he’s trying to take the food off my plate. He’s trying to stop my run.

“And tomorrow, guess what? I’m f***ing him up! I’m f***ing him up! I’m f***ing him up!”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva NEXT

03:34 , George Flood

Right, just the main event to come now at Desert Diamond Arena!

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva is NEXT! Don’t go anywhere, folks.

This won’t be one to miss.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

03:33 , George Flood

That incredible one-punch stoppage was officially clocked at one minute and one second of round number one.

Remember the name Ashton Sylve, folks. You’ll be hearing it a lot more in future, I’m sure.

03:27 , George Flood

The uppercut didn’t actually land from Sylve, it was a shuddering left hook that landed flush on the jaw that did the damage.

Rodriguez was actually on the offensive out of the gate, looking to trade after a strange pirouette that followed the opening bell.

His first fight for three years lasts mere seconds.

Super anticipation and counter-punching from ‘H20’.

Sylve stops Rodriguez in first round

03:24 , George Flood

Rodriguez is still incredibly unsteady after the fight is waved off.

That must have been some shot. The replay hasn’t been on yet, but it looked like an uppercut.

Sylve is absolutely dynamite. He only graduated high school earlier this year!

Sylve vs Rodriguez

03:22 , George Flood

Round 1

Rodriguez is down after only 40 seconds!

He gets snapped with a fierce uppercut and hits the canvas.

He beats the ring in frustration and tries to get up, but he’s all over the place and can’t beat the count!

Wow. Wow. Wow. This kid is a star.

Sylve vs Rodriguez

03:21 , George Flood

Here we go!

Another knockout to add to Sylve’s growing resume?

Or can the experienced Rodriguez dampen the hype?

Let’s find out...

Sylve vs Rodriguez

03:18 , George Flood

Two very unusual ring entrances before this co-main event!

The chilled out Rodriguez walks to the ring to the sound of some very unusual boxing music, slow and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Sylve gets in the fancy dress spirit for Halloween, making his way to the middle in a Minions costume.

Sylve vs Rodriguez

03:16 , George Flood

All seven of teenage sensation Sylve’s pro wins have come via stoppage, including early knockouts of Aldimar Silva and Giovanny Gutierrez already this year.

The far more experienced Rodriguez is 20-4 but has not fought since 2019, when Jorge Luis Torres was disqualified in the first round.

The Dominican has lost three of his last four, going five rounds with Ryan Garcia back in 2018.

Sylve vs Rodriguez next

03:09 , George Flood

Just the chief support act to come now before tonight’s huge main event!

Next we see Jake Paul prodigy, exciting 7-0 super-featherweight prospect Ashton Sylve, who is just 18.

He takes on veteran brawler Braulio ‘El Chavo’ Rodriguez in the most difficult test of his fledgling career to date.

Rodriguez, though, has not fought since 2019.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Santiago beats Nieves via TKO

02:59 , George Flood

The judges apparently had that 68-65 to Santiago at the time of the stoppage.

After a competitive and intriguing tactical opening, that fight had long since become one-way traffic, however.

Santiago took over with his greater energy and engine, working very nicely behind the jab and sustaining pressure much more than in that drawn first fight six years ago.

He was cutting the ring off wonderfully and would have continued to dominate.

Not sure what the issue was for Nieves. That was only his second fight in three years, remember.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Santiago vs Nieves

02:54 , George Flood

Round 7

Terrific work from Santiago, who digs hard to the body and then finds his mark upstairs.

I don’t know if he’s hurt, but this is now very passive indeed from Nieves, who is very tired and moving slowly. Has he hurt his right hand?

Nieves has just said something to his trainer - who again warned about pulling him out unless he shows more - on his stool after round seven and he stops the fight!

“I love you to death. I’m not going to see you get hurt,” he says.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Santiago vs Nieves

02:50 , George Flood

Round 6

Santiago has taken over what was a close fight. He’s got the superior engine and is constantly applying pressure, piecing combinations together and sapping the energy of Nieves, who is looking tired.

“If you don’t show me something here, I’m stopping this fight,” says Nieves’ trainer before the start of the seventh.

Santiago is also warned for punching after the bell. Any more of that and he’ll lose a point.

Santiago vs Nieves

02:47 , George Flood

Round 5

Santiago steps back on the gas, jabbing really well and trying to set up those big punches during constant bouts of sustained pressure.

He’s back to pursuing Nieves around the ring, utilising his sharp speed and constantly taking his corner’s advice on board.

Plenty of stars at ringside now, including Logan Paul, ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley, Cris Cyborg and many more.

This crowd absolutely adores Nate Diaz, with huge cheers every time he appears on screen.

He was here to watch close friend Chris Avila, though I’m sure he’ll also be involved later if Jake Paul wins and then clocks him in the vicinity!

The pair do have previous...

Santiago vs Nieves

02:42 , George Flood

Round 4

Nieves makes the necessary adjustments in this fascinating tactical battle, shading the fourth until a strong finish from Santiago.

Santiago looks the more heavy-handed of the pair, bursting forward and trying to land the combinations just before the bell.

His jab is now the more effective weapon, with that and his obvious speed helping him to get in range a lot.

Santiago vs Nieves

02:37 , George Flood

Round 3

Big pressure from Santiago at the start of the third, he looks to trap Nieves near the ropes and let his shots fly in a furious flurry.

Positive stuff from the Mexican, who is the clear aggressor now as he gets on the front foot and pursues his opponent around the ring.

He’s landing more frequently now and bossing the tempo.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Santiago vs Nieves

02:34 , George Flood

Round 2

Better from Nieves, who shows his hand speed and attacks well off that snapping jab.

Santiago is no slouch on that front either, but he’s not been as precise or accurate so far.

Santiago vs Nieves

02:30 , George Flood

Round 1

A tight opener between this evenly-matched pair, with little to choose between them so far.

Plenty of punches thrown but most deflecting back off the gloves.

Both men trying to establish the jab early on.

Santiago vs Nieves

02:28 , George Flood

Here we go!

The stakes are high here, with the winner sure to believe that they are in the conversation for a world title shot at 118lbs.

Nieves is likely to have some ring rust to shake off tonight. He’s only fought once in the last three years, outpointing Judy Flores in May.

Santiago, meanwhile, bounced back from his defeat by Gary Antonio Russell with back-to-back wins over Daniel Ramirez and David Carmona.

02:24 , George Flood

A word of support for Doctor Mike from unified women’s featherweight champion Amanda Serrano:

Santiago vs Nieves next

02:22 , George Flood

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva are both now in the building!

First up it’s two pure boxing contests in support of the main event, starting with Alexandro Santiago vs Antonio Nieves.

This is a 10-round bantamweight clash between two experienced campaigners who fought to a split-decision draw in their previous meeting back in 2016.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Uriah Hall calls out Jake Paul: I’ll expose him

02:17 , George Flood

In his post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Uriah Hall leaves people in no doubt as to who he wants to face next...

“I want Jake Paul,” he said. “I want his frosty ass. I’m the dude that’s going to come out here and expose him.

“If Anderson don’t do it, I’m going to be the one to f**k you up.”

Hall beats Bell via unanimous decision

02:10 , George Flood

40-36 x 3 - all in favour of Hall.

The two men share a warm embrace, with some words of advice from Hall.

Bell vs Hall

02:08 , George Flood

To the judges scorecards we go.

Surely a comfortable win for Hall.

Clear bruising and swelling underneath that left eye of Bell.

Bell vs Hall

02:06 , George Flood

Round 4

Scrappy stuff in the fourth and final round with both fighters looking very tired indeed.

Hall ups the tempo anyway, inflicting some damage on the inside and finding his target with a couple of eye-catching heavy long uppercuts.

More boos from the crowd, but there’s a furious finish as Bell’s mouthpiece goes flying and Hall throws caution to the wind, letting his hands go.

An exhausted Bell is holding on as Hall rains down powerful shots before the final bell.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Bell vs Hall

02:03 , George Flood

Round 3

A restless crowd make their unhappiness clear again at the beginning of the third.

Bell with a body shot that makes Hall think, while he lands a few decent right hands but his opponent just will not be stopped from walking forward and hunting him down, unleashing his own stinging right off the jab.

Or will he? A succession of nice rights from Bell backs up Hall, who is feeling the pace of this short contest now.

A round for Bell? Probably 2-1 to Hall at this point.

Bell vs Hall

01:59 , George Flood

Round 2

Plenty landed by Bell in the second, but Hall continues to walk him down unaffected.

Some short, sharp shots landed by the former UFC middleweight on the inside.

Hall threw so many right hooks in that round, right after right in very unorthodox fashion and from unusual angles.

Bell vs Hall

01:55 , George Flood

“This is boxing and you’re an MMA guy, they will f**k us.”

Hall’s trainer wants to leave nothing to chance as he tells his man to go for the jugular with only three rounds left.

Bell vs Hall

01:54 , George Flood

Round 1

The boo boys are out again midway through the first - again, that’s incredibly harsh.

A lack of action for the most part in the first of four scheduled rounds, but Hall likely did enough in the closing stages to shade it.

He looked more convincing as the aggressor, coming forward and trying to connect with that right hand.

Bell vs Hall

01:52 , George Flood

Seconds out - round one!

Bell vs Hall

01:50 , George Flood

Next up is the professional boxing debut of former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell.

Bell’s only previous fight was a brutal exhibition knockout win over fellow ex-American football star Adrian Peterson last month.

Uriah ‘Prime Time’ Hall is a former kickboxer and UFC middleweight who retired from MMA after back-to-back defeats by Sean Strickland and Andre Muniz.

This is also Hall’s pro debut as a boxer. At 38, the Jamaican-American is eight years older than Bell.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Chris Avila outpoints Doctor Mike via unanimous decision

01:42 , George Flood

All three judges score the bout the same - 40-36 in favour of Avila, who moves to 2-1 as a boxer.

No surprise, that was a dominant display from the former UFC and Bellator fighter.

But massive heart and determination from Doctor Mike. That was brutal at times and for a novice to take that sort of punishment and make it to the finish deserves huge credit.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:38 , George Flood

Round 4

Avila rocks Doctor Mike with a couple of fierce rights early in the fourth and final round.

His legs look to have gone and he’s in the corner, shooting a nervous glance at the referee.

But to his credit, he escapes the danger and tries to refocus.

But here comes Avila again with a cracking body shot/left hand combo, letting his hands go with a punishing flurry.

Another huge punch staggers Doctor Mike and his face is even more bloodied by another sequence of stinging blows.

It looks like a finish is nigh, but the doctor deserves enormous credit for making it to the final bell.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:33 , George Flood

Round 3

Some nice body shots at times from Doctor Mike, but he’s so static and is often a sitting duck as he just stands in front of Avila and continues to eat some heavy punches.

The footwork isn’t there and he’s really feeling the pace now in this penultimate round, dropping both hands low.

Avila is hurting him, but not going for the finish as things stand.

Doctor Mike’s nose is bloodied after he took a solid one-two combo straight down the middle.

Avila has power and a thundering jab when he uses it.

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:30 , George Flood

Round 2

This is very untidy, as you might expect, but very watchable at the same time.

Doctor Mike has some definite fundamentals and he’s countering well at times, but he’s forced to cover up midway through the third and Avila is rather teeing off now.

That overhand right is so unsightly but it’s landing repeatedly - his opponent has no answer for it.

Some more variety there from Avila though, including a tidy left uppercut.

Some heavy blows look to take their toll on the doc, who will be very glad to hear the bell at the end of round two.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:25 , George Flood

Round 1

A fast start from the doc, who immediately goes after Avila with real tempo and tries to utilise that obvious reach advantage.

He puts some combinations together, but Avila comes firing back and lands a huge looping overhand right from nowhere. That’s his biggest weapon, clearly.

Some gruelling close-range exchanges follow, with the heavier shots coming from Avila, who is trying to get that overhand right landed time and time again.

A tale of two halves in the opener, with more damage inflicted by Avila, albeit with a wild and untidy approach.

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:21 , George Flood

Here we go!

The main Paul-Silva undercard is off and running.

A reminder that this cruiserweight bout is scheduled for four rounds.

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:20 , George Flood

You’ve got to give it up for Doctor Mike, who is donating his entire purse tonight to the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem.

He also donated his purse from that meeting with iDubbbz to Ukraine Crisis Relief.

At the final press conference this week, he spoke candidly of how boxing had provided an escape after the last decade after he lost two grandparents and his mother back in 2010.

He initially used it for fitness and as a hobby, but has really ramped it up over the past 18 months and proved quite a draw in that first bout.

Can he make a real statement against a pro fighter here?

Doctor Mike vs Chris Avila

01:11 , George Flood

As we mentioned, Doctor Mike’s only previous fight was a white-collar win over fellow YouTuber iDubbbz back in May.

He looks in fantastic shape, but he’s still a huge unknown going into this cruiserweight contest that is scheduled for four rounds.

Former UFC and Bellator competitor Chris Avila’s record in the cage wasn’t up to much, but he is still a professional fighter and defeated Jake Paul’s training partner Anthony Taylor via decision on the Paul-Woodley 2 undercard in Tampa last December.

Avila is a close friend of UFC heroes Nate and Nick Diaz, hailing from Stockton, California.

Asked about that flare-up at the weigh-in, he said: “I didn’t say s**t. F**k this fool, he’s a piece of s**t. F**k this little b***h, he’s a b***h.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Doctor Mike ready to ‘do damage’ on pro boxing debut

01:56 , George Flood

Things got a little feisty at yesterday’s weigh-in when boxing novice and YouTube superstar Doctor Mike Varshavski and former MMA veteran Chris Avila squared up, with the latter clearly eager to force some fireworks.

However, the affable Dr Mike didn’t really bite and it quickly fizzled out as he pledged to leave his Hippocratic Oath behind tonight and inflict damage inside the ring, rather than look to cure it.

“I’m used to saving lives,” he said. “And now I have to figure out how to do damage inside that ring. For me, I have to suspend my Hippocratic Oath not to do damage. But you’ll see a boxer, not a doctor.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

01:49 , George Flood

A little snapshot here into the lack of animosity between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva this week...

Logan Paul ‘positive’ Anderson Silva gets knocked out

01:42 , George Flood

Logan Paul is backing his little brother to pull off another highlight-reel knockout in tonight’s highly-anticipated main event.

“Anderson, I love you, but I think Jake’s gonna knock you out,” he said this week. “I’m positive he is. I’m so sure.

“It only ends one way. I love you, but about two months ago is when I became certain that the fight was gonna end the same, as it always does.

“Again, Anderson, I love you, but you’re gonna be face down, horizontal, by the end of the night.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Milton stops Sumpter in round five

01:36 , George Flood

Milton improves and answers the boo boys emphatically with a ferocious knockout in round five!

He puts the work in to the body and then detonates a crushing left hook up top.

It’s then open season for Milton, who unloads with devastating power and leaves his helpless opponent crumpled against the ropes.

Sumpter had been goading Milton, who returns the favour with a showboating shimmy.

7-0 now for Milton as a pro, with six knockouts.

It was far from the perfect performance, but he got there in the end.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Milton vs Sumpter

01:26 , George Flood

This isn’t the best fight you’ve ever seen, very far from it, but these constant boos as we go through round three are unwarranted and downright disrespectful.

An unforgiving crowd in Glendale.

Milton is just too slow and ponderous at the moment, his telegraphed shots are too easy for the fleet-footed Sumpter to evade.

In fact, it was Sumpter who probably landed the two best shots of that round from close range.

Milton looks better when he’s got the jab working to try and set up his punches. Otherwise he’s reaching and missing a lot.

Milton vs Sumpter

01:23 , George Flood

The crowd has really started to build at Desert Diamond Arena, but those fans are not happy as things stand.

The boos rain down at the end of the second round in what has been a thoroughly dull heavyweight contest thus far.

Sumpter is very elusive and Milton, though the better fighter, is struggling to nail him down.

Milton vs Sumpter

01:20 , George Flood

Some showboating and a trip from Sumpter during an otherwise fairly uneventful opening round.

He looked to have been trapped in the corner at one stage, but showed good footwork to escape and even landed his own shot on the way out.

The referee confirms no knockdown after a tangle in the middle of the ring.

Milton vs Sumpter

01:15 , George Flood

Undefeated heavyweight Jeremiah Milton is next in the ring at Desert Diamond Arena as he takes on fellow unbeaten American big man Quintin Sumpter.

This is a scheduled six-rounder and could be properly explosive....

Jake Paul set for huge payday

01:08 , George Flood

The lucrative purse on offer is often the most-talked about aspect of these high-profile crossover bouts.

Rumours suggest that Jake Paul could earn in excess of a whopping £2million if everything goes to plan tonight...

“I hope it does well,” he said. “I think it will, the numbers are all showing that. So yeah, this could definitely be my highest payday.

“I haven’t really focussed on that, even saying that is one of the first times I’ve even thought about it. Just because of how much the fight means and how focussed I am and how big the challenge is at hand.

“The payday is just the cherry on top for the opportunity at hand.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Green beats Suarez

01:02 , George Flood

A slightly bizarre end to the contest as Suarez stays stood in her corner at the end of round five and they are taking her gloves off - this one is over.

Green was certainly winning by a wide margin, though it did not appear that Suarez had taken too much punishment.

But some of those shots from the hard-hitting and physical Green obviously carried a lot of power, she may have sustained an injury that is not immediately obvious.

Either way, she wants no more part of this. Former Olympian and college basketball star Green is the winner!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Green vs Suarez

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:53 , George Flood

Green ups her work rate and tempo in the third, showing more of her power and landing nicely on the inside, trying to put the combinations together.

She looks to have the better engine and certainly the advantage in terms of speed and athleticism.

Green vs Suarez

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:49 , George Flood

Not too much to choose between Green and the vastly experienced Suarez in the opening rounds.

It’s been fairly tepid stuff so far, with neither fighter showing too much in terms of power or skill as they cautiously feel each other out.

But it’s Green who has done the better work, landed the cleaner punches and should be ahead on the cards.

Green vs Suarez up next

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:45 , George Flood

Shadasia Green vs Ogleidis Suarez is next, an eight-round battle in the women’s featherweight division.

Green, who hails from Paterson, New Jersey, is an interesting story as a former All-American nominee and high school and college star in basketball, who eventually turned back to her first love - boxing.

This is her toughest test to date tonight against Venezuela’s Suarez, the former WBA featherweight champion.

Flores stops Ortiz Jr in final round

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:33 , George Flood

Flores ramped things down a little in the fifth, still utterly in control in a thoroughly one-sided bout.

But he explodes at the start of the sixth and final round, unloading on a dazed Ortiz Jr and trapping him near the ropes with blood spattered all over the canvas.

Flores’ hands are a blur as he drives in blow after blow, going all out for the stoppage and getting it as the referee has no choice but to step in and save a stumbling Ortiz Jr.

Relentless from Glendale’s Flores, the 24-year-old moves to 11-0 with his third career stoppage. Never in doubt!

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Flores vs Ortiz Jr

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:28 , George Flood

The punishment continues in the fourth round for Ortiz Jr, whose face is an absolute mess.

Completely dominant from the impressive Flores, who will surely want to get this done inside the distance.

Ortiz Jr certainly doesn’t lack determination, but he’s being battered around the ring, moving into range and coming off horribly during close-range exchanges.

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Eliezer Silva knocks out Anthony Hannah in opener

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:25 , George Flood

Just one other result to catch you up with from earlier on in Glendale.

Anderson Silva’s sparring partner Eliezer Silva opened the show with an eye-catching second-round knockout of Anthony Hannah in a super-welterweight encounter.

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Flores vs Ortiz Jr

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:22 , George Flood

This is furious stuff from Flores, who landed some huge shots in a punishing third round.

Ortiz Jr has tried to step on the gas over the last couple of rounds, but he’s taking a massive amount of punishment here, clean punches to both head and body.

His face is bloodied and swollen as he slumps in his stool. The corner may have a decision to make sooner rather than later.

Anderson Silva: I’m being underestimated

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:20 , George Flood

Also speaking at yesterday’s weigh-in, Anderson Silva responded “absolutely” when asked if he thought people were underestimating his abilities tonight.

“I’m so happy to be here. And tomorrow I go do my best and make a good show for everyone,” he said.

“Of course I can win. I’ve trained for that.”

Flores vs Ortiz Jr

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:15 , George Flood

Into our second prelim fight of the evening now, a six-round super-bantamweight tussle involving another local favourite in Danny Barrios Flores.

It’s been a great start from the Arizona native, who went through the gears nicely in that opening round, showing great variety and punch precision.

This could be a long night for opponent Edgar Ortiz Jr, who looks comfortably second best.

Jake Paul: To be a legend, you’ve got to be a legend

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:11 , George Flood

Jake Paul has once again tapped into his troublesome alter-ego ‘The Problem Child’ ahead of tonight’s main event.

After plenty of respect and niceties between the two men this week, the 25-year-old exploded with a passionate rant for the cameras after yesterday’s weigh-in.

“I said it’s my generation,” he snarled. “It’s my time. To be a legend, you’ve got to beat a legend. It’s time for war. I asked him if he’s ready.

“It’s been nice, nice, nice. It’s been sweet, sweet, sweet. I respect that man. But he’s trying to take the food off my plate. He’s trying to stop my run.

“And tomorrow, guess what? I’m f***ing him up! I’m f***ing him up! I’m f***ing him up!”

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Rodriguez beats Griffin on undercard

Sunday 30 October 2022 00:04 , George Flood

The prelim action is underway at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Exciting Glendale-born prospect Adrian Rodriguez has just defeated Dominique Griffin via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36) to move to 3-0 as a professional.

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Anderson Silva targets MMA farewell fight in Japan

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:54 , George Flood

That is not to say that Anderson Silva is done in the MMA world, however.

Speaking to MMA Junkie this week, he revealed that he wants to sign off from the cage with a retirement fight to be staged in Japan, scene of his first overseas contest against Tetsuji Kato at Shooto 2 in Tokyo in 2001.

Silva competed six times in Japan in total during his illustrious career, with the Shooto and Pride promotions.

“You know, my goal is my last fight in MMA in Japan because I started my international career in Japan and that’s why I try to do it,” he said. “That’s my plan. My last fight in MMA is in Japan.

“I don’t have (an opponent in mind) because I need to give back to Japan everything Japan gave to me. I believe my last MMA fight is go to Japan for my fans in Japan. Of course my fans in the world, but especially my fans in Japan.”

 (Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
(Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Anderson Silva’s boxing record

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:44 , George Flood

Unlike Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley before him, Anderson Silva does at least have some professional boxing experience.

The Spider lost to Osmar Luiz Teixeira on his debut in his native Brazil way back in 1998, when he had already begun an MMA career.

He won his next fight against Julio Cesar De Jesus in 2005, his last boxing bout before turning back to the sport after his exit from the UFC.

Silva stunned former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr via split decision in a big upset in Mexico last summer and then just two months later knocked out fellow former UFC champion Tito Ortiz in the first round in Florida.

Has Paul potentially bitten off more than he can chew this time?

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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva big bet stakes

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:35 , George Flood

As ever with a Jake Paul fight, there was a pre-bout bet agreed to at the final press conference this week.

The stakes are thus - if Silva wins tonight, then Paul has agreed to a rematch with kickboxing rules, having initially pledged an MMA bout - only for Silva to remind him that he doesn’t compete in that world anymore.

Meanwhile, if Paul wins, Silva must join him in creating a united fighters’ association to help UFC athletes get better pay and better healthcare - with Silva himself serving as the interim president.

“The fighters need to band together and Anderson is the perfect guy,” Paul told ESPN. “He’s all of our idols, every fighters’ idol. So, he would be a very powerful figure. This type of thing just needs to happen for fighters.

“It’s not gonna be just a couple fighters who are gonna be able to pull this off. But he’s a legend, right? He’s one of the most respected ever. And that’s important. I think a lot of fighters have animosity towards me, so they might not listen to me. So, I need help in getting this done.”

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Jake Paul at career-lowest weight for Anderson Silva clash

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:25 , George Flood

Tonight’s main event is being fought at a catchweight of 187lbs, between light-heavy and cruiserweight.

Anderson Silva tipped the scales at 186.1lbs yesterday, while Paul weighed in at a career-lowest 186.5lbs.

‘The Problem Child’ was at 191.4lbs for his rematch with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley last December, a memorable fight that ended with a vicious sixth-round knockout.

Paul has no doubt deliberately come in lighter in an attempt to neutralise the strengths of Silva, who, even at almost 50, will be no slouch in terms of his movement and footwork.

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(Getty Images)

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:15 , George Flood

Anderson Silva wasn’t the only UFC icon in attendance as the two fighters weighed in and stared each other down for the final time pre-bout on Friday afternoon.

A certain Georges St-Pierre was also front and centre....

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The doctor will see you now...

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:08 , George Flood

The other fighter flying the flag for MMA tonight is Chris Avila, the former UFC and Bellator veteran and friend of Nate Diaz who defeated former rival Anthony Taylor on the Paul-Woodley 2 undercard in Tampa last December.

The Stockton native battles Mikhail Varshavski, the YouTube favourite more commonly known as Doctor Mike.

Varshavski’s previous experience came in a white-collar cruiserweight bout against fellow internet celebrity Ian Carter - AKA IDubbbz - back in May.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Saturday 29 October 2022 23:01 , George Flood

A lot riding on the reputation of the MMA community tonight, although it’s worth pointing out that Anderson Silva has not fought in the UFC since October 2020.

In another of the high-profile contests in Glendale tonight, former NFL star Le’Veon Bell takes on ex-UFC middleweight Uriah Hall.

Bell made his boxing debut by knocking out fellow former running back Adrian Peterson in an exhibition in Los Angeles last month.

This evening is his pro bow, against a man whose last MMA contest was a defeat by André Muniz at UFC 276 in July.

Hall abruptly retired from the UFC over the summer.

Fight on after Silva rows back from knockout claims

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:51 , George Flood

There were initially some concerns over whether this fight would go ahead or else go the same way as Paul’s proposed showdowns with the likes of Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr.

That is because of the consternation caused after Anderson Silva, who turned 47 in April, appeared to let slip last week that he had twice been knocked out during sparring in camp, no doubt leading to concern among the Arizona commission.

“I’m training with the good boxers, high-level, and five guys come to help me,” he told MMA Weekly. “And the last sparring with [my partner], he knocked me out two times, and when I finish my training, I talked to my coach and even said, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why the guys knock me out two times?’ And the coach said, ‘You need to prepare for war, and you prepare for war.’”

However, the Brazilian has since moved to clarify those claims, saying he misspoke and that the original interview had been conducted in September.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“After seeing the reports and concern for me, I’d like to clarify two important things,” he said. “One, I was never knocked out in sparring. I misspoke in that interview as I sometimes do when interviewing in English and exaggerated the normal back-and-forth action that occurs in sparring.

“Second, this sparring session I referenced was in early September. The interview with MMA Weekly was done on Sept. 13 and, for some reason, just released this week. So, it wasn’t recent. More importantly, my training camp has been great. I am fit and ready to fight, and the only knockout people should be worried about is the one I’m about to deliver to Jake Paul on Saturday night.”

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva prediction

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:41 , George Flood

For all his tedious antics and knack for getting himself into so many boxing headlines these days, it is impossible to deny that Paul has worked extremely hard to get to this level and has some solid fundamentals and skills, you just wish he would put himself up against an actual boxer.

Silva is a step up in striking terms from Woodley and certainly from Askren and has a wealth of experience, but is pushing 50 and gives up a massive 22 years in age to Paul - likely to be vital over eight tiring rounds.

This is likely to be his toughest test to date, but we’re still backing Paul for victory, possibly via another eye-catching stoppage in the middle rounds.

 (Getty Images)
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Fight card in full

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:40 , George Flood

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Ashton Sylve vs Braulio Rodriguez

Alexandro Santiago vs Antonio Nieves

Le’Veon Bell vs Uriah Hall

Mikhail ‘Doctor Mike’ Varshavski vs Chris Avila

Jeremiah Milton vs Quintin Sumpter

Danny Barrios Flores vs Edgar Ortiz Jr.

Adrian Rodriguez vs Dominique Griffin

Eliezer Silva vs Phillip Carmouche

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva start time and ring walks

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:40 , George Flood

The main undercard is due to get underway from 1am BST, which is 5pm PT and 8pm ET.

Ring walks for the main event should follow at around 4am GMT (8pm PT, 11pm ET), though that is subject to change depending on the length of those undercard contests.

Don’t forget UK fight fans that the clocks go back an hour at 2am tonight!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:38 , George Flood

TV channel and live stream: In the UK, tonight’s fight is being broadcast live on American digital video streaming service Fite TV. The event will cost $19.99 (£17.22) to watch.

Welcome to Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva LIVE coverage!

Saturday 29 October 2022 22:36 , George Flood

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of a huge night of boxing at Desert Diamond Arena!

YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul returns to the ring in Glendale, Arizona tonight, looking to improve his undefeated professional record to 6-0 in a tough test against UFC icon Anderson Silva.

There’s also a packed undercard, including appearances from boxers, MMA fighters, internet stars and sporting celebrities alike.

As ever with a Jake Paul show, this should be anything but boring! So stay tuned for live updates throughout the night right here.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)