Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury result LIVE! Boxing fight stream, latest updates and reaction

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury result LIVE! Boxing fight stream, latest updates and reaction

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury LIVE!

The dust continues to settle on a mammoth main event in Saudi Arabia after Tommy Fury overcame bitter rival Jake Paul in a fierce boxing grudge match on Sunday night. Despite a late knockdown that he insisted was a slip, the former Love Island star prevailed on the judges’ scorecards via a split decision to claim the bragging rights and the biggest win of his career so far.

Paul has already signalled his intention to exercise a rematch clause after a flat performance in which he was firmly second-best, later revealing that he was badly affected by injury and illness during his pre-fight camp. The YouTuber is dealing with his first-ever defeat in professional boxing having previously been undefeated at 6-0 by beating fellow internet celebrities and former MMA champions.

On an intriguing undercard in the Middle East, Badou ‘The Ripper’ Jack dropped twice and then stopped Ilunga Makabu in the 12th round to pick up the WBC cruiserweight title and incredibly become a three-weight world champion at the age of 39. There were also wins for Bader Samreen, Muhsin Cason and Ziyad Almaayouf earlier on the main card. Follow Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury reaction live below!

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury latest news

  • Tommy Fury beats Jake Paul by split decision

  • Paul confirms Fury has agreed to rematch

  • Fight stats show Fury dominance

  • Emotional Fury: Tonight I made my own legacy

  • Badou Jack becomes three-weight world champion

More reaction from Froch

22:32 , Matt Verri

Carl Froch is certainly enjoying himself after Jake Paul’s defeat.

The pair exchanged insults in the build-up to last night’s bout, and it’s safe to say Froch is still very keen to get his shot at Paul. Both Pauls, in fact.

“I’m nine years retired, so who knows what would happen, I’ve not been in the boxing ring since in any capacity,” Froch told BonusCodeBets.

“But I’d make mincemeat of him, it’d be an easy fight. I’d smash him to bits inside two rounds, Jake Paul and Logan Paul on the same night would be interesting. I’d fight them both on the same night and they can tag each other.

“Or maybe get Logan on the undercard as we’ve not seen him for a while as a nice little warm up for me, a steady few rounds until I decide to knock him el sparko.

“And then I can fight his brother Jake on top of the bill as the main event and make mincemeat of him, what a night that would be.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Moving on...

19:31 , Matt Verri

Safe to say Jake Paul isn’t particularly dwelling on his defeat.

He’s got plenty of reasons, millions of them in fact, not to be too upset with life right now.

Sauerland: KSI vs Jake Paul will happen in 2023

18:15 , Matt Verri

Promoter Kalle Sauerland believes KSI vs Jake Paul remains an absolutely massive fight despite last night’s result, and he is confident that bout will take place later this year.

“It’s still the blockbuster fight of crossover boxing,” Sauerland told Sky Sports.

“It’s a fight I expect to take place. We’ve been in discussions before Sunday and we’ll see what happens now with the situation of the rematch.

“But KSI and our side have made it very clear we want that fight and I have no reason to believe that Jake Paul and his team don’t want that fight either.

“It’s a fight that will fill any stadium in the world, and a fight that I do believe will happen this year.”

KSI has had two fights with Jake’s brother Logan Paul, winning the rematch after the first bought was scored a draw.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Tommy Fury: I had the weight of the world on my shoulders

15:20 , George Flood

Here’s more from an emotional Tommy Fury after his huge win last night, as he described having the “weight of the world” on his shoulders...

“The fight was amazing. Really good fight, really enjoyable, solid eight rounds in the bank,” said Fury.

“Jake was a tough kid. He took a lot of shots and was still there so credit to him.

“He didn’t have to take this fight, he could have fought anybody and a lot easier of challenges, but he wanted to test himself so I can respect that.

“Don’t forget, I am only 23 years old and I had the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight.

"My Mrs only gave birth three weeks ago, there was a hell of a lot going on and I am just glad I came out here with my team, my dad, and we are leaving with a win, we are leaving with a belt.


"It is just the best feeling in the world because over the last two and a half years, this is all that has consumed my life.

"Walking out in public 'you backed out of two fights, you're scared of Jake Paul, you are not a real fighter'.

"Tonight I showed everyone that I am not scared of anyone and I can cut it at the big dance.

"What can they say now? Me and Jake Paul fought in the ring and I came out as a winner."

Froch: ‘Useless’ Jake Paul should take up darts

13:23 , George Flood

Carl Froch has continued to goad Jake Paul on social media after last night’s defeat in Saudi Arabia.

Following another war of words between the pair earlier in the week, ‘The Cobra’ eviscerated Paul with a brutal post-fight assessment on BT Sport in which he called him “hapless”, “terrible” and “basic” and even thanked Fury for doing boxing purists a favour by “obliterating” and “whooping” the YouTuber.

Froch then continued that takedown on Instagram, where he gloated in a video: “Haha, Jake Paul - absolutely useless.

“You got embarrassed, you got whooped. What was that? I’ve never seen anything so bad in my life. That was terrible. Take up darts.”

Jake Paul vows: I will be back!

12:52 , George Flood

Jake Paul has been back on Twitter after last night’s defeat with a message to all those young fans who have apparently been left crestfallen by the result, insisting he will return bigger and better.

“To all my young fans, I love you,” he said.

“Don’t be saddened by my loss. Life is full of ups and downs. You just have to learn from your failures and come back better. Hard work, hard work, hard work. I will be back.”

09:59 , Alex Young

Macaulay Culkin, the actor of Home Alone and Richie Rich fame, certainly enjoyed watching last night's fight.

(What is a half birthday?)

Tyson: Drake and I are both losers

08:54 , Alex Young

Tyson Fury has described himself and Drake as “losers” after their bets on Tommy Fury’s fight with Jake Paul failed to come in.

“It was a brilliant fight, very entertaining,” Tyson Fury said to BT Sport Boxing of the encounter. “I’m very proud of Tommy. It was as big as any world title I’ve seen, it was one way then the other.

“I think Tommy boxed the head off him at times, and won 90% of the rounds, but it was still competitive at times also.

“[Jake Paul] was better than I thought he’d be, to be fair. It looks like Drake lost his money! 335 bags down the toilet! But let me tell you a secret - I lost mine too. I bet for the knockout. We are both losers!”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Fight stats confirmed

08:23 , Alex Young

Tommy Fury threw and landed almost twice as many punches as Jake Paul.

Fury landed 49 of his 148 power shots thrown, with Paul landing just 24 from 79 attempts, with his reluctance to open up proving costly.

Paul’s jab was more accurate though, with a 32 percent hit rate, including 25 landed from 78 thrown.

Although Fury landed more still (38/154), despite his hit rate falling to 25 percent, showing his reliance on the power shots.

 (BT Sport Box Office)
(BT Sport Box Office)

Rematch is ON

07:59 , Alex Young

Jake Paul says Tommy Fury has already agreed to a rematch.

The YouTuber was convincingly beaten in Saudi Arabia, with Fury winning by split decision but had the upper hand in almost every round.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference, Paul revealed Fury agreed to go again while the pair were being checked by doctors.

He said: "I just spoke to Tommy in the medical room and he said 'yeah, let's go. let's do it again'."

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Drake loses $400k bet

07:32 , Alex Young

It was a great night for the bookies as Drake also lost a huge $400,000 as Jake Paul lost.

For those who follow such things, Drake doesn’t have the best record of gambling, though has recently enjoyed a better ran a beating the bookies.

Not last night, though. That’s a tough beat as Paul never looked like winning.


Tyson loses £100k bet

07:14 , Alex Young

It’s not all smiles in the Fury camp this morning despite victory, as Tyson Fury lost £100,000 at the bookies.

The WBC heavyweight champion put the huge bet down on his half-brother winning the fight inside the distance, rather than the split decision which Tommy did prevail via.

Maybe Tommy can repay him?

“Tommy knocks out 90 per cent of people that he spars with or drops them at least, so he's a very hard puncher and Jake Paul will find that out" Tyson told iFL TV ahead of the bout.

"I've got 100 racks on it for an inside the distance stoppage, so if he loses, then I'll lose 100 bags as well. I've got him at 3-1. I know Tommy is going to knock him out. What is a little bit stupid is I see all these experts and professional boxers picking Jake Paul over Tommy. I'm like, 'What the hell are these guys watching?'.

"Because Tommy will absolutely deck him. I think Tommy can get him out of there whenever really. It'll definitely be inside the distance and it won't be a points job for sure. Tommy wins by knockout. I can smell the fear and he [Jake] is rattling ... he is going to get knocked out."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

‘Terrible’ Paul ‘obliterated’ as Froch thanks Fury

00:46 , George Flood

Fair to say that Carl Froch was less than kind to Jake Paul in his post-fight assessment on BT Sport, amid the duo’s ongoing social media spat...

“I had the scorecard exactly the same as two of the judges - 76-73,” said The Cobra.

“I thought the score was bang on, to be honest. The point deductions were a bit dubious, but the referee balanced it out by taking a point from both fighters.

“I thought the score was right, the right man won. Tommy Fury put in a decent performance for the level of where he is in his career.

“That was a decent performance. Put his shots together, believed in himself. Was on the back-foot for large periods of the fight looking for the counter.

“He got a thoroughly deserved win against a really basic, hapless Jake Paul. He was terrible in there.”

Froch added: “He’s done professional boxing purists a massive favour by shutting up Jake Paul. He can’t call himself a professional boxer because he’s gone in against a novice pro and got absolutely whooped. He got obliterated.”

00:43 , George Flood

Some kind words at a low moment for Jake Paul from undisputed women’s featherweight champion Amanda Serrano, whom he manages...

00:42 , George Flood

Here’s that post-fight interview with an emotional Tommy Fury in full...

Jake Paul reaction

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:45 , George Flood

“All respect to Tommy, he won, don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses.

“I’ll come back, I thought I deserve that rematch, it was a great fight, a close fight.

“I’ve already won every single way in life. I made it farther than I ever thought I would, and beyond. This is a humbling experience. I’ll take it on the chin and come back.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Tommy Fury reaction

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:40 , George Flood

“Tonight I made my own legacy, I made my own legacy,” Fury said.

“All the way through these two and a half years, I had a dream, a vision, and no-one believed me. Now they can stand up and take note.

“In my first main event, 23 years old, I had the world on my shoulders, and I came through. This, to me, is a world title fight. I trained so hard for this. This was my destiny.”


Sunday 26 February 2023 23:24 , George Flood

A couple of wildly gloating videos from KSI on social media, and also this assessment of the bout...

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:22 , George Flood

About that Prime equity...

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:19 , George Flood

“Let’s run it back,” says Paul in his own post-fight interview inside the ring.

He admits that he lost, but also questions the scores.

He also says that he got sick badly twice during camp and hurt his left arm, admissions which bring boos from the pro-Fury crowd.

Says he felt flat.

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:18 , George Flood

Fury of course now gets a top-40 ranking with the WBC after that win.

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:16 , George Flood

Raw emotion again from Fury, who is in floods of tears after the bout.

In his post-fight interview, he says this rivalry has consumed him over recent years and he dedicates the win to his partner Molly-Mae Hague and new daughter Bambi.

He gives plenty of credit to Paul, saying he took a lot of big shots and was much better than he thought.

He also insists that was not a knockdown late on and that he slipped.

He’s also willing to do the rematch. Paul seems almost certain to trigger that clause.

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:14 , George Flood

Good to see the respect between Paul and Fury after the fight after years of acrimonious build-up.

Tommy Fury wins by split decision

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:07 , George Flood

75-74 Paul, 76-73 Fury, 76-73 Fury - TOMMY FURY WINS BY SPLIT DECISION!

Passionate celebrations from Fury. The biggest win of his career!

Jake Paul beaten for the first time in his first meeting with a pro boxer.

Pure emotion from Fury.

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:07 , George Flood

Fury is fist-pumping in triumph before the cards are delivered.

He really feels like he has won.

Paul less confident by the looks...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:04 , George Flood

Round 8

Both men feeling the pace late on and can’t get the knockout blow.

They both think they’ve won it - they go back to their respective corners and climb the ropes in triumph.

I had Fury well ahead there, but how much will that late knockdown affect things?

We await the judges scorecards...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:03 , George Flood

Round 8

Fury has responded really well to the knockdown, landing some good shots and leaving Paul hanging on a bit.

Both men looking for the knockout blow with 30 seconds left.

Blood all over Fury’s face from that cut around the eye...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 23:01 , George Flood

Round 8

Fury takes a count after a big shot - he definitely touched the canvas there!

That changes things!

By the way, replays show that nasty cut around Fury’s eye was caused by an accidental clash of heads.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:59 , George Flood

Round 7

A gruelling seventh with not a lot landing cleanly and some energy-sapping close-range exchanges.

But the better punches are clearly landed by Fury, including a timely hook that made Paul think.

Fury is jabbing really well again, though he’s got a cut to the corner of his left eye and damage around the nose.

Another Fury round I think. Paul is going to need to go all-out in the eighth and final round...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:57 , George Flood

Into the penultimate round we go.

Some wildly different scorecards coming from fighters in the TV studios, on social media and at ringside.

I’ve got Fury in a handy lead, for what it’s worth.

Big John wants him to go out and have a tear-up!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:55 , George Flood

Round 6

Understandably more urgency from Paul at the start of the sixth - he was likely behind on the cards anyway and had a point deducted.

Good work from Fury, another clean shot followed up with the jab.

Some scruffy exchanges now, but the better work is clearly being done by Tommy.

Fury now having a point taken off for holding! A point off apiece. Wow.

Paul gets a boost from that and comes out swinging, trying to land that big overhand right again.

A nice flurry from Fury before the bell, with Paul missing with that big right again.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:51 , George Flood

Round 5

Paul is landing well now, a shot that is cheered by the crowd before a spearing jab upstairs.

Fury’s movement has slowed and he’s much easier to hit.

Both men feeling the pace before Fury comes forward and times a crisp right hand to perfection.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:49 , George Flood

Round 5

Paul lands a good shot but then gets rattled with the counter.

Paul tries to unload that big right over the top again but Fury comes back with an uppercut.

Paul is having a point taken off for punching to the back of the head! How big could that be?

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:48 , George Flood

Into the second half of the fight we go.

Tommy Fury up 3-1?

I think the corners get to see the scorecards at the halfway point in this open scoring system...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:46 , George Flood

Round 4

This is much better, cleaner work from Fury early in the fourth.

A couple of eye-catching shots, timed well and with precision, followed by a swift exit that avoids the chance of being tagged with that overhand right.

Fury has Paul turned around on the ropes, but Paul then lands a lovely left hand. Fury takes it and beckons his rival in.

Best punch of the fight?

A bit of aggro at the end of the round as Paul looks to take a punch to the back of the head.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:43 , George Flood

They’ve just interviewed Logan Paul at ringside after the third, for some reason.

He thinks his brother took the third after a close opening two rounds.

He then yells into the mic that Tommy and the whole Fury family are b*****s.

Ridiculous to allow him on the mic now.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:42 , George Flood

Round 3

Fury needs to keep fighting at distance here, keep his jab working and avoid those lunging attacks from Paul.

A bit more success from Paul early in the third, getting his own jab going and firing in a body shot and decent hook.

He’s still looking for that big right over the top but can’t time it at the moment.

As you might expect, Fury has the far better boxing fundamentals and it’s paying off so far.

Another right goes in from Paul after a rushed, inaccurate attack from Tommy.

He really needs to be careful with that. Paul only needs to land one of those huge overhands rights and it’s over.

A better round for Jake - enough to win it?

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:38 , George Flood

Round 2

Another crisp jab from Fury rattles Paul early in the second.

He’s getting that left hand going, but just eats a warning shot in the middle of the ring.

Paul pays for coming forward with his hands down again as Fury snaps his head back.

Paul coming forward all the time, trying to drive to the body and then set up that overhand right.

Fury lands a nice right and then left jab, with Paul just missing with a swinging right.

Both men try overhand rights, with Fury’s landing the better.

I think he’s up two rounds up here. But that was closer.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:34 , George Flood

Round 1

Fury has definitely settled the better so far, working the jab well and measuring the distance nicely, as you would expect from a professional boxer.

Paul loading up again in search of that trademark right over the top.

Fury misses with a right with 15 seconds left in the round.

Good jab again from Fury as Paul crouches again in search of that big right and goes to the body, but the round ends with a decent flurry from Tommy.

First round to the Brit, surely.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:32 , George Flood

Round 1

Fury in white shorts and gloves trimmed with gold and Paul in charcoal shorts.

A very scrappy start in this 18-foot ring, with plenty of grappling.

An early warning from the referee.

Fury settling the jab early on as Paul tries to land that big right hand over the top...

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:30 , George Flood


Sunday 26 February 2023 22:30 , George Flood

This really sounds like a pro-Fury crowd tonight, which I wasn’t expecting.

A lot of boos for Paul again.

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:26 , George Flood

Time for the national anthems, with God Save the King to be followed by The Star-Spangled Banner.

Whatever your thoughts on these two men or what it means for boxing in general, this is an undeniably huge event.

So many famous faces at ringside.

For an eight-round main event that isn’t for any titles! Wild times.

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:24 , George Flood

Paul rapping along to ‘Outlet’ by American performer Desiigner as he makes his way steadily to the ring to join his great rival.

Almost time to get underway!

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:21 , George Flood

Here comes Paul, complete with his ‘Problem Child’ clothing.

I may be completely wrong on this, but he’s looked much more nervous than Fury all week.

A lot of boos for Paul as he emerges into the arena.

Quite a number of chants for Fury as well just then...

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:19 , George Flood

Fury is now in the ring and dad John takes off his robe.

No sign of Jake Paul emerging from his dressing room just yet.

He’s making everybody wait!

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:18 , George Flood

Tyson Fury accompanying his younger half-brother on his ring walk, with both men all smiles.

‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival is his ring-walk music of choice.

Top tune.

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:15 , George Flood

Here comes Tommy Fury!

He’s got Bambi written across the front of his white robe - the name of his new daughter.

He looks focused and ready, it must be said.

Just bravado, or is he that confident of victory?

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:10 , George Flood

Come on then, let’s have those last-second predictions!

I initially thought Tommy Fury wouldn’t be good enough to stop the Jake Paul hype train, but the closer the grudge match has got the more I believe that any professional fighter should be able to handle a novice - albeit a very dedicated one who has clear talent and trains like a demon.

My only question for Fury is the engine. His rippling physique is very impressive, but has he matched it with the cardio?

 (Handout via REUTERS)
(Handout via REUTERS)

Sunday 26 February 2023 22:05 , George Flood

What a performance from Badou Jack.

What next for The Ripper then?

Lawrence Okolie is the current WBO cruiserweight champion and defends against David Light next month.

Australia’s Jai Opetaia has the IBF and Ring belts, while Arsen Goulamirian has the WBA strap.

Some intriguing fights to be made in a stacked division that also includes the likes of Richard Riakporhe.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury NEXT

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:56 , George Flood

Just the main event now to come in Saudi Arabia!

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally settle their long-running feud in the ring NEXT.

Stay tuned - you won’t want to miss this!

Jack stops Makabu to become three-weight world champion at 39

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:52 , George Flood

Round 12


Jack finds the mark with another brutal right-handed shot and then unloads his full Arsenal, swarming Makabu with more spiteful and relentless hooks and uppercuts.

Makabu is out on his feet and British referee Mark Lyson steps in to wave it off with the champion stricken against the ropes.


A three-time world champion at the age of 39! What an achievement. He joins some very illustrious company.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:49 , George Flood

Round 11

Makabu looks absolutely spent as Jack continues to drive in those heavy blows to both head and body.

The champion takes them without hitting the canvas again, but that was a dreadful, dreadful round for him at the worst possible time.

A 10-8 round for Jack late on in such a close fight. Surely he’s on his way to becoming a three-weight world champion at 39!

Makabu will throw the kitchen sink at this in the 12th...

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:46 , George Flood

Round 11


Another cracker of a right hand from The Ripper!

Makabu gets up again and beats the count, but Jack is sensing a stoppage now with so long left in the round.

Another uppercut, right hand and big body shot from Jack rips into the champion...

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:44 , George Flood

Round 10

Brilliant work from Jack midway through the 10th as we head into those cliched championship rounds in tonight’s co-main event.

Makabu comes back firing, but his head has now been rattled by a succession of spiteful punches up close including some big hooks and a terrific uppercut.

A superb round for Badou Jack!

Makabu was hurt there and is really feeling the pace.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:41 , George Flood

Round 9

Some damage and blood around the nose of Makabu early in the ninth.

He’s beginning to look frustrated by Jack’s nimble footwork, though does then force Jack back with a sequence of warning shots.

Makabu wants this to be a dogfight at close quarters, when he can slow his opponent and make his greater power felt.

Jack’s turn for a nice flurry, but Makabu manages a couple of decent punches before the bell.

Another really close one - I’ll be very interested to see how this is being scored.

Jack raises his hand at the end of the ninth. He thinks he’s on top.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:36 , George Flood

Round 8

Makabu goes on the front foot at the start of the eighth and swiftly gets caught.

The cleaner work still coming from Jack, who is now back moving well and trying to measure the jab and distance.

The fighters exchange blows near the ropes, including a nice right from Jack who also planted a tidy right uppercut a few moments ago.

We’re then back to trading in the middle of the ring at close quarters, with heavy shots from Makabu met by crisp Jack counters.

It’s becoming a proper war of attrition. Some of these rounds are so very close.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:33 , George Flood

Round 7

The movement has slowed dramatically from both men, who are content to stand and trade at close range.

It’s dangerous stuff from Jack, who is coming forward and landing plenty of his own but is also absorbing some stinging blows from the bigger, heavier puncher.

A decent fight this now. It’s close.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:29 , George Flood

Round 6

A better sixth from Makabu, who looks suitably dangerous when he ups the work rate.

But Jack must be ahead on the cards after that knockdown in the fourth.

An intriguing second half of this title fight beckons.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:26 , George Flood

Round 5

A close fifth as Jack looks to remain in the ascendancy and build on that huge knockdown, rocking the champion again with a decent short right.

Makabu is having his moments but he’s looking a bit sluggish and cumbersome as the bigger man.

He’s throwing too many single shots and struggling to put the combinations together.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:23 , George Flood

Fresh from his second hat-trick for Al-Nassr against Damac on Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo takes in the fights from up on high at the Diriyah Arena...


Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:21 , George Flood

Round 4

A real momentum-changer that from Jack, who started well but had begun to show too much respect and caution.

Makabu went with a long hook and was caught by a short left and crunching right hook from Jack.

A 10-8 round in the fourth. Makabu quickly gets his legs back underneath him but has work to do now...

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:19 , George Flood

Round 4

Makabu is controlling the tempo now, moving much better and picking his shots.


He gets up, but still has 40 seconds until the bell at the end of the fourth...

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:18 , George Flood

Derek Chisora among the interested spectators at ringside...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:16 , George Flood

Round 3

Makabu wants to keep up that increased tempo early in the third, but walks onto a decent shot from the ‘The Ripper’.

But this is much better from Makabu now, he was very reserved early on but is now actively hunting down the Swede, letting his punches go and finding the mark with a heavy right.

Jack sneaks in a right uppercut from close range as they look to stand and trade.

This fight is heating up nicely now after a cagey opening.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:12 , George Flood

Round 2

Jack is doing the better work so far, settling behind the jab and working the body well, following up with a right hand upstairs.

He looks fresher and crisper, lighter on his feet and moving nicely.

Makabu steps on the gas towards the end of the second, eats a body shot but lets his hands go and gets through with a stinging left towards the ropes.

Better from the champion, who has the power to really hurt the lighter Jack.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:07 , George Flood

Round 1

A slow start to his chief support bout as Jack tries to jab to the body.

Makabu responds with a few swinging lefts to the body that left him rather exposed to the counter.

Jack lands a straight right through the guard and is on the front foot, jabbing well and probing for an opening.

But he’s rightfully wary of the huge power that the big-hitting Makabu possesses.

A cagey round draws to a close as Makabu falls short with a couple of testing shots.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:05 , George Flood

The co-main event of the night is underway!

Can Makabu make a third successful defence of his WBC cruiserweight title, or will Jack become a three-weight world champion at 39?

Let’s find out...

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:03 , George Flood

While British fight fans will most remember Makabu from facing Bellew, Jack has gone toe to toe with plenty of challengers from these shores.

Jack retained his WBC super-middleweight title against George Groves back in 2015, later drawing with James DeGale and beating Nathan Cleverly to win the WBA light-heavyweight strap.

Sunday 26 February 2023 21:00 , George Flood

Sounded like Michael Buffer just accidentally announced Badou Jack as Tommy Fury!

Anyway, here comes Makabu.

It’s seven years now since the Congolese-South African lost his first world title challenge against Tony Bellew at Goodison Park in 2016.

But he’s won all 10 of his bouts since then, finally picking up that WBC title against Michał Cieślak of Poland in Kinshasa in 2020.

He’s successfully defended against both Olanrewaju Durodola and Thabiso Mchunu, but has been out of the ring now for some 13 months.

Makabu is 29-2, with Jack’s pro record standing at 27-3-3.

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:55 , George Flood

We’ve had the Saudi national anthem before this co-main event, and now we’re having a roll call of the stars at ringside.

Kevin Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Devin Haney, Shawn Porter, Derek Chisora and Mike Tyson among those to get a shout out from Michael Buffer, who has taken over the MCing duties.

Tyson Fury has already gone backstage to join Tommy, while Mike Tyson is about to accompany Badou Jack on his ring walk.

Makabu vs Jack

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:53 , George Flood

Again, Badou Jack is aiming to become a three-weight world champion tonight at the age of 39, having moved up to cruiser after previous reigns at light-heavy and super-middle.

He takes on the big-hitting Ilunga Makabu, who has not defended his WBC belt since outpointing South Africa’s Thabiso Mchunu in Ohio last January.

Former Floyd Mayweather protege Jack will be hoping to take advantage of that inactivity.

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:47 , George Flood

In a ringside interview with BT Sport, Deontay Wilder says he will be back out in May, June or December.

Derek Chisora hinted earlier that something big was afoot regarding the Bronze Bomber.

Wilder bounced back from his defeats by Tyson Fury against Robert Helenius in New York in October, blitzing the former European champion inside the first round at Barclays Center.

Makabu vs Jack up next

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:42 , George Flood

We’re about an hour away from the main event in Riyadh!

Up next is the chief support act of the night as Ilunga Makabu defends his WBC cruiserweight title against Badou Jack.

Should be a cracker!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Almaayouf beats Martinez on points

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:36 , George Flood

All three judges score an electric bout 38-37 - Almaayouf just squeaking out the victory after bouncing back from that first-round knockdown.

But that was an infinitely bigger test than most fighters will ever see so early in their careers.

Just Almaayouf’s second pro bout, remember. He moves to 2-0.

Almaayouf vs Martinez

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:33 , George Flood

You have to give Martinez enormous credit for that.

He absorbed some absolutely massive punches in the last half of that final round, including a beauty of a straight left hand on the ropes.

Almaayouf also has one hell of a left hook that he landed more than once there.

Almaayouf desperately wants the stoppage, but he won’t get it.

He surely did more than enough to win that, but Martinez gave him a proper scare. Hell of a chin on the 19-year-old.

Almaayouf had to dig very deep.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Almaayouf vs Martinez

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:28 , George Flood

Martinez is so unorthodox - his footwork is wretched and hands always too low, but he keeps landing that right hand to make Almaayouf think twice.

He’s also got quite a chin, eating a massive right hook that looked certain to put him down.

Almaayouf has probably put these last two rounds away with the bigger and more eye-catching punches, but this has been one hell of a test that he might not have been anticipating.

Or could it all be resting on this final three minutes? Into the fourth and final round we go...

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:26 , George Flood

Iron Mike will be enjoying this one!


Almaayouf vs Martinez

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:24 , George Flood

This is an absolute war that I wasn’t expecting between two inexperienced pros.

They are both letting fly with huge shots during a fantastic second round in which momentum continues to swing violently back and forth.

The tempo is ridiculous as both men land with heavy punches and preciously little defence.

Almaayouf with a couple of stonking left hooks, but Martinez has some chin as a teenager.

Every time he looks in real trouble, he manages to get out of it and detonate his own big shot.

Really entertaining stuff through two.

Almaayouf vs Martinez

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:20 , George Flood

All action at the end of an explosive first round!

It was a real quick start from Almaayouf, but Martinez battled back well and landed a huge counter right hand that put his opponent down.

Martinez then went to finish him off, only to walk straight onto a massive right over the top that wobbled him.

Both fighters hurt before the bell.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Almaayouf vs Martinez

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:17 , George Flood

Here we go!

Can the ‘Pride of the Arab World’ continue the success for Saudi fighters on tonight’s bill?

Let’s find out.

A fast start from Almaayouf, whose hands are a blur as he lets the punches fly in the opening seconds...

Almaayouf vs Martinez next

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:13 , George Flood

Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo are now in the house!

Coming to the ring now is teenager Ronald Martinez, flying the flag of his native Ecuador as he prepares to meet USA-based Saudi fighter Ziyad Almaayouf in his sixth outing.

Almaayouf is making only his second pro appearance, having stopped Mexico’s Alfredo Alatorre on his debut on the Joshua-Usyk 2 undercard in Jeddah last August.

Almaayouf is managed by Paul Smith and trained by Buddy McGirt.

‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen his ring music of choice. This is a four-round welterweight bout.

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:08 , George Flood

“Tommy has a pretty face, but that pretty face is hitting the canvas tonight. I think there’s going to be a knockout.”

“Tommy can go back to Love Island. I can’t see any way that he pulls this off tonight.”

Logan Paul throwing plenty of shade on Tommy as he backs his younger brother to win by KO tonight.

Apparently Jake is not doing any media before the main event, with that balaclava still on.

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:05 , George Flood

Having already been goading old rival Deontay Wilder tonight, it looks like Tyson Fury is getting ready to announce something big.

Oleksandr Usyk undisputed clash confirmed, perhaps?

Sunday 26 February 2023 20:01 , George Flood

Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney is also at ringside tonight.

Here’s that typically understated entrance from Jake Paul...

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:57 , George Flood

Jake Paul has arrived backstage wearing a balaclava for some reason, along with a baseball cap and usual ‘Problem Child’ bling.

Tommy Fury conducted an interview with broadcasters a little earlier, when he looked and sounded as relaxed as can be.

The more I hear from him, the more I’m swayed that he’s going to win tonight...

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:56 , George Flood

The official word from Jafarov’s corner there was that he was pulled out due to injury.

Absolutely emphatic from Cason.

And in front of another big-hitter as well in Deontay Wilder, who is now at ringside...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jafarov pulled out after first round

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:50 , George Flood

He may have made it to the bell, but Jafarov’s corner will not let him come back out for the second round.

They clearly saw enough there to think their man has no chance whatsoever of staging a fightback, even at this early stage.

It was relentless from Cason, an influencer in his own right who has helped KSI train for bouts.

The American - nicknamed ‘The Muslim Boxer’ - stays undefeated at 11-0.


Cason vs Jafarov

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:47 , George Flood

Jafarov still looks so wobbly as he’s trapped in the corner and Cason unloads, crashing in a variety of shots to head and body including a piercing uppercut.

A dazed Jafarov responds by just swinging wildly, trying desperately to land any punch of his own.

Cason lands another bruising punch to the body and right hand over the top before the bell.

Not sure how Jafarov managed to see the end of that round. That initial right hand over the top that knocked him down was an absolute peach.

Cason vs Jafarov

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:45 , George Flood

A huge right hand over the top that lands flush on the chin puts Jafarov down within seconds!

He follows it up with a stinging left hand with Jafarov in all sorts of trouble.

Somehow he beats the initial count, but his legs are like jelly...

Cason vs Jafarov next

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:44 , George Flood

Right, on we go with this undercard then.

Muhsin Cason, the younger brother of two-time world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, takes on Azerbaijani veteran Taryel Jafarov in an eight-round cruiserweight contest.

Cason is a former sparring partner of Jake Paul’s...

Logan Paul makes fight prediction

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:40 , George Flood

That’s a big call from Logan, if my local supermarkets are anything to go by...

VAR and open scoring for Paul vs Fury

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:39 , George Flood

By the way, both Makabu vs Jack and Paul vs Fury will have open scoring tonight - meaning the scorecards will be read to the respective corners at the halfway stage.

There is also a VAR system in place to correct or review any controversial refereeing decisions.

You can’t get away from it!

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:37 , George Flood

Ruthless from Bader Samreen!

This guy is certainly one to watch...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Samreen stops Simion in round one

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:28 , George Flood

Well that didn’t last long!

Simion is battered quickly inside the first round, eating some enormous shots as Samreen makes an emphatic statement on what was supposed to be a clear step up tonight.

There was a right hand there that really did the damage and sent the Romanian down. He tried to get up and continue, but the referee waved it off.

Samreen moves to 8-0 with seven knockouts, five in a row now.

Simion had previously been in with the likes of Shakur Stevenson, Scott Quigg, Denys Berinchyk, Gary Cully, Zelfa Barrett and Harlem Eubank.

Simion vs Samreen

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:25 , George Flood

It’s finally time for the main undercard to begin in Riyadh!

Romania’s former Olympian Viorel Simion meets undefeated Bader Samreen, who is hoping to go on and become Jordan’s first world boxing champion.

The experienced Simion, now 41, is 23-9, while Samreen is just 22 and 7-0 (six knockouts) after racking up wins over Denis Bartos, Fuad Tarverdi and Murodjon Yokubov in 2022.

Samreen fought on the Joshua-Usyk 2 undercard in Saudi Arabia last year.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Tyson sends Tommy message: ‘Furys don’t lose!’

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:19 , George Flood

The reigning WBC heavyweight champion at ringside, sporting a typically snazzy green patterned suit with starfish.

“Furys don’t lose,” he says when asked for a prediction by BT Sport.

He also says how proud he is of his younger half-brother, headlining such a massive event on the global stage.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

John Fury: British fighters tipping Paul ‘disgusting'

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:11 , George Flood

Expect big John Fury to have a starring role again tonight, by the way.

He’s been on typically fiery form all week, with a message for the British fighters that have tipped Jake Paul to win.

“All those so-called professionals from our own country, that’s disgusting by the way,” he said.

“When I see them, I’m going to personally slap them straight in the teeth, for going against a professional athlete – who’s fighting a YouTuber!

“But that’s what they deserve, I’ve got no respect for them whatsoever. I never want to see any of them again, they’re useless at what they do, and they all want sacking.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Paul and Froch engage in war of words

Sunday 26 February 2023 19:05 , George Flood

Jake Paul has engaged in spats with just about everyone of late it feels like, including Carl Froch.

‘The Cobra’, Britain’s celebrated former super-middleweight world champion, is having none of his shtick and isn’t afraid to let him know.

Paul has responded by baiting Froch and suggesting he is just using his name for money, insisting that he must first beat MMA legend Anderson Silva before even thinking about fighting him.

“Carl Froch mad because I made more in one year than he made his whole career. You want the payday. I get it,” Paul said.

“So let’s do this, fight Anderson Silva on my next card and if you get lucky and beat him, then we can step in the ring and you make your career payday. Let me know.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

In his own social media video this week, Froch fired back: “I won’t be fighting the MMA legend Anderson Silva on your undercard, I’ve got too much respect for him.

“But anyway you’ve got a job to do against Tommy Fury. If by some miracle you manage to beat Tommy Fury then I’ll listen to you…

“I think this Sunday your world ends. If it doesn’t and you are stupid enough to take a fight with me, when this right hand lands on your chin, I will put you into f***ing orbit.”

Early prelim results

Sunday 26 February 2023 18:57 , George Flood

Elsewhere on tonight’s early prelim card, Adam Saleh has secured a first-round stoppage against Stuart Kellogg, who could not continue after an apparent shoulder issue.

Saudi Arabia’s Ziad Majrashi has also defeated Philip Quansah.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

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