Jameela Jamil details toll eating disorder had on her body

Jameela Jamil's eating disorder took a toll on her body credit:Bang Showbiz
Jameela Jamil's eating disorder took a toll on her body credit:Bang Showbiz

Jameela Jamil's eating disorder has "destroyed" her bones and damaged her organs.

The 'Good Place' actress has spoken about her battle with anorexia and body image issues many times over the years, and she's now detailed the toll her "very low calorie" diets and abuse of laxatives have had on her body.

Speaking on the 'Let’s Talk off Camera with Kelly Ripa' podcast, she said: “Yeah, I took so many laxatives, I'm amazed I even still have an a******, to be perfectly honest. It's a real trooper. It's a survivor.

"I took any pill or drink or diet that Oprah recommended. I did it. I took it. You know, any very low calorie supermodel diet.

"I f***** up my kidney, my liver, my digestive system, my heart, and most recently, I found out that I have destroyed my bone density.”

The 38-year-old actress thinks she can "blame society" for some of her struggles, but ultimately knows her actions are her own responsibility.

She added: “I can blame society for what it encouraged me to do, but ultimately this one's on me.

“And I'm so sorry to my body that I have jeopardised my future so severely for a beauty standard and to try to fit in with other people.”

And Jameela called for more awareness on how undereating can have damaging long term effects, admitting that is the main driving force behind her outspoken stance on skinny celebrities.

She said: “That's why I'm so annoying publicly about eating disorders and diets because there's so much talk about the dangers of being in a bigger body and there's no talk almost about the dangers of not eating enough, only eating too much.

“And I think that's really dangerous because we really have no idea the way that people's fertility is f*****, the way their long-term health is f*****.

"We just don't talk about it and it's an inconvenient truth that the diet industry kind of squashes.

"So I want to be someone who reminds people: don't eat for your waistline now, eat for your longevity later.”