James Argent talks weight gain and sobriety

Laura Hannam
Argent with girlfriend Gemma Collins at the National Television Awards. (PA Images)

James Argent opened about his weight gain, sobriety and relationship with Gemma Collins on Friday’s Loose Women.

The 31-year-old TOWIE star and singer said he’s six months sober after struggling with alcohol abuse in the past.

“I’m around six months sober at the moment, I’d still like to get a bit of weight off,” Argent told the Loose Women panel.

Panelist Nadia Sawalha continued to discuss his weight gain and mentioned his girlfriend – 37-year-old Gemma Collins’ two stone weight loss since competing on Dancing on Ice.

“We’ve discussed weight before. Is it hard for you that Gemma has lost weight and you’ve clearly… you have put weight on?” asked Sawala.

“I hold my hands up I can’t deny it. I won’t lie to you…one thing at a time,” replied Argent, clearly referring to his recent sobriety.

He went on to proudly speak of Collins efforts on Dancing on Ice, and adamantly denied that her spectacular fall on Sunday’s episode was ‘fake.’

Gemma Collins with boyfriend James Argent and pro dance partner Matt Evers (Instagram)

“Gemma, as much as I love her, I don’t want to gas her up too much. But she’s probably one of the most talked about women in the country.

“She’s not going to risk a serious…potentially smashing her face to pieces for a bit of publicity, she could do with a bit less if anything,” he said.

He added that she was seriously injured from the experience, as well as very much shaken up and in tears.

“She got up and put on a smiling face but she went backstage and the runner from DOI had to come and get me.

“She’s crying her eyes out – she’s so embarrassed. She two big ice packs and I said, ‘look Gemma get yourself together’, you’ve worked so hard everyone can see that in your routine, the reason you fell is because you were 100% into it.

“Her knees were red raw, there was terrible bruising. She thought she would be in the skate-off but the public love her. They’ve got GC fever,” he said.

Argent, who hasn’t appeared on The Only Way is Essex since October of last year, said he may return to the reality series in the near future.

“The door has been left open for me,” he said.

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