James Buckley: Nothing will match The Inbetweeners

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James Buckley starred in the hit comedy series credit:Bang Showbiz
James Buckley starred in the hit comedy series credit:Bang Showbiz

James Buckley doubts he’ll ever star in another show as big as ‘The Inbetweeners’.

The 35-year-old actor is famous for playing foul-mouthed teenager Jay Cartwright in the Channel 4 sitcom, in which he starred alongside Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison, and James doubts he'll be able to rediscover that success during his career.

Speaking on his ‘At Home with the Buckleys’ YouTube channel, he said: "There's a reason why people have such longevity, such long careers, they're really, really good at what they do.

"That’s probably why my career was quite short. It's nice to have a day in the sun. Do you remember 'The Inbetweeners'?"

In the past year, James has reinvented himself as a vlogger, setting up his YouTube channel with his wife Clair, which shows their life together with their two sons, Jude, nine, and Harrison, 11.

But James now wants to throw himself into new challenges, rather than limiting himself.

He said: "At the stage of life that I’m at, I’m open to things. If it’s a fun idea then I would consider it.

"I think maybe ten years ago when you’re in your early 20s and I think of myself back then, I was an actor and I was serious about what I do and I had goals and I had things that I wanted to do in life.

"Now I’m in my mid-30s and I’m a dad and I’m married and I’ve got no one left to try and impress anymore. Now I just take myself a bit less seriously - now if something comes along and I think, ‘Oh, that will be fun.’

"For instance, I would never have done a book a few years ago, I would have got all anxious and worried about it and I’d have talked myself out of it. Now I just feel like, just go for it."