James Cameron confirms Alita: Battle Angel sequels

Alita: Battle Angel sequels are officially in development.

Released back in 2019, director Robert Rodriguez's cyberpunk blockbuster starring Rosa Salazar as an amnesiac robot was a modest success at the box office, taking $405 million.

Yet, its cult-like fanbase has been calling for a follow-up ever since, and now it seems that Alita 2 is finally on its way.

In his recent interview with Forbes, executive producer James Cameron provided the tastiest update we've had for a while.

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When asked about why he and his wife Suzy were selling their Gaviota Coast ranch, Cameron revealed that his work on the long list of Avatar movies and Alita 2 majorly influenced their decision.

He explained: "I'm working in Wellington and Los Angeles. And on the new Alita: Battle Angel films, I'll be working in Austin, so it just didn't make sense for us [to live there] anymore."

While the acclaimed director didn't give away any details, it is the first time that a sequel has been confirmed to be seriously in the works.

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Just a couple of months ago, Rodriguez told Total Film that Cameron and fellow producer Jon Landau were trying to figure out the next move for the character, but it was just a discussion at this stage.

"We have been talking about it, so we would love to make [an Alita sequel]," he shared.

"We haven't set it for sure yet, but we're definitely hoping to and talking about it a lot. [Landau and Cameron are] slammed with all the Avatar stuff, but they've definitely been engaging in it."

Cameron's last release was 2022's sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, which became yet another staggering box office success for the director - $2,320,250,281, globally, to be exact.

Avatar: The Way of Water is now streaming on Disney+.

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