James Corden, Harry Kane and Dele Alli in film to persuade American's to back England's World Cup bid

JOnathan Prynn

England stars including captain Harry Kane and midfielder Dele Alli have appeared in a spoof James Corden video aimed at persuading Americans to back the Three Lions at the World Cup.

The Late Late Show host tries to convince the sceptical footballers — Kane, Alli, Jamie Vardy, Jesse Lingard, Eric Dier and Kyle Walker — to take part in various American-themed stunts and sketches for the US audience.

The United States failed to qualify for the finals after being defeated by Trinidad and Tobago.

Striker Kane addresses the camera saying, “Let me be your third favourite Harry” — after Prince Harry and One direction singer Harry Styles.

But Corden tells him: “I’m afraid we forgot Harry Potter, you are the only the fourth favourite Harry.” Kane then protests: “But Potter isn’t even real.”

Lingard appears in an enormous Uncle Sam-style hat while Tottenham’s Eric Dier is made to wear an American football kit. Alli is seen storming off set after being dressed up as the Statue of Liberty in a green velvet toga.

James Corden coaches the Three Lions (The Late Late Show)

Corden says: “Put your hand in the air.” He replies: “I’m not doing it.” There is a running joke with Walker, who refuses.

Leicester forward Vardy is dressed as a cowboy and says “yee haa howdee partner” direct to camera.

At the end of the video the players line up to address American fans with the message: “If you don’t support England this summer we’re going to make you keep James Corden for even longer.”