James Corden surprised by school 'sweetheart' while filming 'The Late Late Show' in London

FILE - In this Jan. 28, 2018 file photo, James Corden hosts at the 60th annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York. Corden brings a gleeful buoyancy to his CBS late-night show. That’s the case whether he's bantering with all his guests at once or singing duets with stars as he drives.  (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
James Corden has brought 'The Late Late Show' to London (Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

James Corden was surprised on live TV by a former classmate he once kissed.

The Gavin and Stacey star brought The Late Late Show to London this week with an opening show featuring guest appearances from Tom Hanks, Gillian Anderson and magician David Blaine.

But it was old school friend Laura Riley, formerly Laura Lane, who stole the spotlight when Corden offered to answer questions from the audience during the commercial break and she shouted "Do you remember me from school?!"

Riley revealed she had been in the same class as Corden from when they were five until they were 16 at both Cedars Park Primary School and Holmes Green Upper School in High Wycombe.

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And she added: "You kissed me!"

Corden said: "Do I remember you from school?! This is like Jeremy Kyle! I'm going to turn out to have fathered your child."

James chats with guests, Tom Hanks and Gillian Anderson onThe Late Late Show with James Corden broadcasting from London.    Airing June 17th, 2019 (12:37-1:37 AM, ET/PT) Photo: Craig Sugden/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
'The Late Late Show' in London with James Corden (Credit: Craig Sugden/CBS)

He successfully remembered her name, saying: "I'm going to go with... Laura!

"How's your life? How did it work out? All good?"

Riley replied she had been married for 17 years .

Corden replied: “F*** off, no wonder you need a night out. Thanks for coming, I'm so happy you're here and so glad it all worked out."

Later during the show he came into the audience and hugged Riley.

Afterwards she told Yahoo UK: "He just said, 'It's good to see you.' No, he didn't invite me for a drink after the show, that would have been nice!"

Riley, 40, revealed: "He kissed me when we were about 10. He carried my bag to the end of the school drive one day and age me a kiss on the cheek.

"He actually had a crush on my mum. At parents evening once he said something like 'I think your mum's fit.'"

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During the recording another audience member called out, "What happened on the fishing trip?" In reference to the return of Gavin and Stacey in a Christmas special later this year.

Corden replied: "All I can say is... BBC One... You might find out."

The show - which aired on CBS in the US overnight - featured a sketch which saw Corden challenging Michelle Obama to a dodgeball match to decide which country was best at sport, the UK or the US.

The sketch also features Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mila Kunis, Melissa McCarthy and Game Of Thrones star John Bradley, to name but a few.

Corden said: “It all came from the First Lady, she said, ‘I’d love to do something fun on the show! Can we do something fun?’ And I said, Of course, what do you want to do?’ And she came up with this stupid idea of a dodgeball game - which in itself is a ridiculous sport, made even more ridiculous played with Michelle Obama and Benedict Cumberbatch!”

The first episode of the show sees Hanks playing The Beatles on the guitar and underwater magic from David Blaine.

The Late Late Show with James Corden in London airs on Sky One and Now TV, at 10pm Tuesday to Friday this week.

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