James Haskell's royal pals are voting for him to endure 'I'm a Celebrity' horror trials

James Haskell’s royal pals have been voting for him to take part in every I’m a Celebrity Bushtucker Trial because they find his jungle torture so hilarious, his wife Chloe Madeley has revealed.

Madeley said that Haskell’s rugby mate Mike Tindall and his wife Zara Phillips have been calling in for every creepy crawly-filled trial in the hope that he’ll be made to take on a terrifying task.

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Speaking to Lorraine this morning, she said: “They think the whole thing’s absolute hilarious. Z’s been amazing, she messages me the whole time to check up on me. She’s been great.

“And Tins just thinks the whole thing is a great opportunity to make James suffer and is voting for him to do every Bushtucker Trial that he possibly can.”

Talking more about Haskell’s rugby mates, she said: “They all just find it hilarious. They don’t take it seriously at all. They’ve been in really high pressured situations their whole careers… so when they watch it they really do just see it as hilarious entertainment and they’re really enjoying it.”

Haskell’s appearance on I’m a Celebrity has hit headlines as he has been accused of bullying other campmates, branding them a “circus of stupidity” because they wanted to debate the answer to a Dingo Dollar question rather than going with a snap decision.

But Madeley defended her husband from bullying accusations, explaining: “I think he just had a really grumpy day and I think when you’re sleep deprived and food deprived and you’re surrounded by people you aren’t necessarily friends with on the outside world, if you have a bad day, if you have a moody day you do kind of snap a bit.

“But I think the ‘b’ word is a little bit intense. I personally watched it and I just wanted to get in there and give him a hug and some food.”

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She added: “We’re incredibly close and I love him dearly and I’m so, so proud of him. Despite his ‘hangry’ moments, I actually think he’s doing a fantastic job and I’m really proud.”

Comedian Andrew Maxwell, the second campmate to be voted out, appeared to be a target of many of Ian Wright’s rants in the jungle, but also said he didn’t feel any bullying had occurred.

Speaking on Lorraine, he said: “Me and Ian love each other. We got on like a house on fire, we’re just really similar men, that’s it.

“Me and Ian are probably the most emotional men in the camp. Our emotions were in sync. So when he was sad I was also sad… I love Ian, he’s an amazing guy.”