James Jordan: 'Same-sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing would be insulting'

Whether or not Strictly Come Dancing should incorporate same-sex couples into the show has been a topic of hot debate for quite some time, with BBC bosses repeatedly refusing to pair LGBT+ celebrities with members of the same sex.

Now former Strictly professional dancer James Jordan has had his say on the topic, claiming that introducing same-sex dance couples would be “insulting” to the profession.

James’ comments will no doubt spark controversy. Copyright: [Rex]

Speaking to the Daily Star, 39-year-old James said: “No, there definitely shouldn’t be same-sex couples on Strictly.

“Ballroom and Latin dance is about masculinity and femininity. It’s not about sexual orientation. It’s not a dating show. Why can’t a gay man dance with a woman?

“It’s actually insulting that you’re trying to change our profession with people saying same-sex couples should definitely be on there when it doesn’t need to be.”

James’ comments came after lesbian comic Susan Calman hit out at the “offensive and upsetting” backlash from the LGBT+ community after she signed up to this year’s series of the show.

Susan was offended by the backlash her decision to sign up to Strictly received. Copyright: [BBC]

Defending her decision to dance with a man, Susan exclusively told Yahoo Celeb UK: “No-one can say I haven’t stood up for my community. I am not disappointed that I will be paired with a man, I wanted to dance with a man.

“Nobody is holding me hostage, making me wear a dress and dance with a man – I want to learn how to dance.

“I seem to be getting the brunt from the LGBT+ community for my decision and it’s making this about my sexuality instead of a woman who wants to learn to dance.

Susan wants to dance with a male dancer. Copyright: [BBC]

“I think sometimes politically there’s nothing more powerful than having an openly gay woman on the biggest show in television, whose wife is in the front row, doing what she wants to do.”

Last year, Strictly bosses released a statement to confirm that they will be sticking with “traditional” male-female dance couples.

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