James Martin reveals hidden item on Saturday Morning set he can't do his job without

James Martin
James Martin -Credit:ITV

James Martin revealed how he has special help on the set of Saturday Morning due to his severe dyslexia. The TV chef was diagnosed with the learning difficulty - which can cause difficulties with reading, writing and spelling - when he was 30.

On the latest show, James was preparing a fish recipe when he was asked by ITV newsreader Lucrezia Millarini how he managed to keep on top of the cooking while also speaking to the camera and presenting the show. He then revealed he has special type on his autocue to help him.

James, 51, told her: "Well, like you do the reading, I'm severely dyslexic. I have this amazing woman called Sam, Sam [on the] autocue, who puts stuff on bigger type for me so that I can properly read it."

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James has previously opened up to guests on the show about his dyslexia, admitting he found some elements of filming difficult. He said "A lot of this crew think I'm ignoring them, it’s mainly because I have trouble reading a script."

He revealed he had struggled at school, but despite his late diagnosis he has gone on to write 34 books. James said dyslexia "inadvertently gifted me with an interview style people seem to find relaxing".

Speaking on Loose Women, he revealed he had "cried his eyes out" at times, not realising why he was struggling. He said that reading an autocue when he presented This Morning had helped him understand his dyslexia.

"I failed all my exams at school, I've never read a book in my life," he said on the ITV show. "I've written 34 books but the way I do it is I dictate it."

Speaking on his struggles at school, James said: "I mainly failed because I'm severely dyslexic."