James Martin says 'it's a wonder I'm still alive' as he shares 'really bad' vice

James Martin hosting Saturday Morning on ITV
James Martin has shared his breakfast routine and it's quite something -Credit:(Image: ITV)

James Martin has candidly admitted "it's a wonder I'm still alive" after confessing to his biggest "vice". The TV chef, known for his mouth-watering dishes, has a surprising breakfast routine that defies nutritional advice.

The presenter of ITV's Saturday Morning shared on the Spooning podcast with Mark Wogan for Virgin Radio UK that he kicks off his day with a "big can" of Red Bull and a Twix. James acknowledged the habit is "really bad", but seems unable to give up this energy drink and chocolate bar ritual.

Despite recently undergoing surgery for cancer, James told Mark that he maintains health in other aspects, as he drinks little alcohol and avoids smoking, save for an occasional cigar. He explained his approach to indulgences: "I know it's really bad - you've got vices."

"But I don't really drink that much - I have two units a month - I don't really smoke - a cigar once a month, if that. You've got to have a vice in life."

The Express reports it was James' preferred lunch from his younger days that truly astonished Mark during their conversation, with the chef even remarking: "Looking at this diet, it's a wonder that I'm still alive, isn't it?"

Mark recreated James' school lunch as part of the podcast, telling listeners: "When at school, you had quite a unique approach to lunch, and I have it down here."

"If it is to be believed, James - it's the apple juice, and the Superman lunch box. Have I got the contents of the Superman lunch box right?"

"Does it have crisps, bananas, and a Flake? " James asked in response, before adding: "It's got to be wrapped in cling film! ".

Mark sheepishly told the star: "I may have left out the crisps, does that ruin it?" Luckily for the host, James assured him: "No, no, no, that's fine."

"Just for health reasons, we've got the satsuma," Mark added, while continuing to reveal the contents of the lunch box.

Sharing an insight into his childhood, James laughed: "My mum used to put that in! I used to part exchange it for a Twix on the way back - this is it! ".

"Looking at this diet it's a wonder that I'm still alive isn't it? " He exclaimed, during the trip down memory lane.

Mark then told listeners what James had created with his lunch ingredients, sharing: "So, what we've got here is, we have white bread - the inside of which is caked in butter - and then we've got mashed up banana, and a crushed up Cadbury's Flake."

While the pair tucked into the creation, James admitted he was aware "people will look at this and think that's just weird, that's not right", while Mark shared his approval for the sandwich.

The presenter enthusiastically stated: "I can confirm, that is good. He obviously knew from a young age what he was doing with flavour combinations! ".

Concerns had been raised by fans over James' health following his surgery to remove facial cancer. However, the celebrity chef provided a reassuring update on ITV's Lorraine, telling Lorraine Kelly: "As we speak, the stitches have fallen out of my body at the moment and that's all clear. Onwards and upwards! ".