James Whale says he's 'at the end' of treatment amid terminal cancer fight

The radio star told fans last year that he was terminally ill

James Whale has terminal cancer. (PA)
James Whale has terminal cancer. (PA)

James Whale has said he is “at the end" of his treatment after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The radio star was originally diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2000, and in 2021 he said that the disease had spread to his spine, brain and lungs.

Last year he shared that it was terminal and that he had months to live.

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According to the Mirror, Whale has shared an update, saying: “I’m kind of at the end, the end of my treatment.”

The 72-year-old star, who was speaking at the TRIC Awards in London, joked: “When I lose a lot more weight when I get really ill, I’ll look fantastic.

James Whale was first diagnosed in 2000. (WireImage)
James Whale was first diagnosed in 2000. (WireImage) (WireImage)

“I’ve just come off all the steroids I was on, which made me look like a bloody balloon."

His wife Nadine was quoted as saying that the radio star had “had all the possible treatments” and that he was part of a clinical trial but that it was probably going to be ending as it was not working.

Last month Whale said in an interview on TalkTV that people sometimes come up to him and if he looks well, they say that he must be getting better.

“From what I have got you don’t recover,” he said.

“When you have got level four, whatever, cancer it keeps it at bay for a bit and then it comes back.”

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“I never thought I'd be alive this long without any kind of illness so we’re OK,” he added.

In May, the star was honoured with the first ever TRIC Recognition award to mark his 50 years of broadcasting.

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