Jamie Foxx: Jeremy Renner leads messages of support to actor as he speaks out after ‘medical complication’

Jamie Foxx: Jeremy Renner leads messages of support to actor as he speaks out after ‘medical complication’

Jeremy Renner and Vin Diesel have led the celebrity support for Jamie Foxx after the actor spoke about his recent “medical complication”.

Last month, Foxx’s family revealed on social media that he was being treated with “great care” following an unspecified incident and was already “on his way to recovery”.

He is reportedly still in hospital weeks after the incident, with fans sending well wishes after his temporary replacement was announced for the gameshow Beat Shazam.

On Wednesday (3 May), the Django Unchained star broke his silence as he shared a message to Instagram saying: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed [prayer, heart and fox emoji].”

In the comment section, Renner wrote: “Sending you strength and love.” The Marvel star is himself recovering from a serious snowplough incident on New Year’s Day, during which he broke more than 30 bones, suffered a collapsed lung and had his liver pierced by a shattered rib.

Diesel, Courteney Cox and John Legend all added prayer-hand emojis to the post.

“Love you Jamie,” wrote Mary J Blige, while his Baby Driver co-star Ansel Elgort said: "You are the greatest Jamie, please make a speedy recovery. You are a blessing to this world, we need you in it."

Foxx also thanked his replacement on Beat Shazam, Nick Cannon, for holding the fort.

“Appreciate ya my boy @nickcannon. See u soon,” he wrote.

According to reports, Foxx was taken ill in Atlanta, Georgia. He had been filming his new action comedy movie Back In Action with Cameron Diaz, who has come out of acting retirement for the project.

He reportedly remains “under observation” at a medical facility in Georgia.

On 12 April, Foxx’s daughter and Beat Shazam co-host Corrine wrote on Instagram that her father had suffered “a medical emergency”.

“We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers,” she said. “The family asks for privacy during this time.”

Additional reporting by Press Association