Jamie Lee Curtis Has Been Making This Lemon Cake 'Literally' Her 'Whole Life'

"I kill it in the kitchen," said the actress

<p>TODAY</p> Jamie Lee Curtis and Savannah Guthrie make a lemon cake on


Jamie Lee Curtis and Savannah Guthrie make a lemon cake on 'Today.'

Jamie Lee Curtis is a cook on screen, and in real life.

On Tuesday, the actress — who made a Christmas feast on a memorable episode of The Bear —appeared on a cooking segment for Today and whipped up a tried-and-true cake recipe.

“I am a cook. I got married and didn’t know how to cook,” she said at the start of the show. “And even at my wedding shower we did a cooking shower, so everyone gave me recipes. I’ve been married 40 years this December and I kill it in the kitchen.”

Curtis and Today anchor Savannah Guthrie then moved on to the actual cake she was making — a delicate and simple lemon confection. "I have been making this lemon cake literally my whole life," she said. "It’s yummy!"

“This is from the Cake Mix Doctor…Anne Byrn. So you take cake mixes and you doctor them. This is a regular yellow cake mix,” she added and then detailed the ingredients. “You take 2/3 cup of oil, 2/3 of a cup of warm or very warm water and here’s the key ingredient: Jell-O, Lemon Jell-O.”

Curtis then mixed the first part of the batter with a hand mixer.

“The Jell-O is the secret because it makes it rich and moist and yummy. So then you add 4 eggs,” she added.

<p>TODAY</p> Jamie Lee Curtis' lemon cake.


Jamie Lee Curtis' lemon cake.

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After incorporating the additional ingredients, she then zested a whole lemon. “You zest the lemon zest…and then you pour it into a pre-greased bundt cake pan,” she said.

Guthrie asked if home bakers can use a regular cake pan to which Curtis feigned being upset. “No you need a bundt cake pan, Savannah,” she quipped.

As for the oven temperature and bake time: “I think it’s 350° for like 35 to 40 minutes. I underbake and it makes it a little yummier.”

The Oscar-winning actor gave instructions on the finishing touches.  “To make the glaze, you take confectioner’s sugar and lemon juice and you do what I’m doing…you whisk it. And then it ends up in one of those squeezy bottles,” she said.

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<p>Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty</p> Jamie Lee Curtis

Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty

Jamie Lee Curtis

Guthrie asked if you need to wait for it to cool before you glaze it. Once again, Curtis poked fun at the journalist’s questions. “Yes, way to show me up on national television. Interesting. I see how it is around here,” Curtis joked.

After glazing the top of the bundt cake, she let viewers in on a quick tip. “Here’s my secret: I take the extra glaze and I literally squeeze it in the middle thing and so then it sort of absorbs into the bottom,” she said. “And then when I serve it, I go to my garden and I take some flowers.”

When Curtis guest starred on season 2 of The Bear, her character’s main storyline revolved around being in the kitchen on Christmas. After baking the cake, she spoke with Guthrie about how her kitchen compares to that of her character’s. She also spoke about how Courtney Storer, the culinary producer on the show, crafts the food-centric scenes on the hit series.

“Courtney is the secret sauce particularly behind that Christmas episode,” she said. “But, by the way being in that kitchen, that’s how I cook — but none of the drinking and emotional drama.”

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