Jamie Lee Curtis ‘not thinking about the future’ but she’s excited for her new children’s book

Jamie Lee Curtis is excited about turning 65, even as she jokes about what the future holds.

During an appearance this week on “Today,” the Oscar-winning actress said her age “is a moment of reflection and excitement.”

“For me, I feel more excited, more turned on creatively. I have a new book,” Curtis said. “I’m heading to go make a movie. I got to be in a TV show. I’m having a creative time.”

Her new children’s book is her twelfth and is titled, “Just One More Sleep.” In addition to leaning into her creativity, Curtis says she is also now “much less hard on myself.”

“I’m very much in acceptance of what I look like and I own what I think and feel. And that, to me, is what maturity is,” she said. “You own what you think and feel. I say what I mean. I mean what I say. I try not to say it mean. And that’s a way then to grow into my old age.”

She also joked that as her children have become adults, she’s less focused on the future.

“When you’re my age, that isn’t — you’re not thinking about the future because the future means you’re going to be dead.”

Curtis has previously talked about embracing her age and the satisfaction that comes with the perspective of time.

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